MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

For Department Coordinators: Off-Campus UROP & Travel Overseas

In most cases UROP research takes place on-campus in a faculty member';s lab or center. However, there are cases where a student research leads off-campus to an affiliated area hospital, field research station, abroad, etc. The stipulations for off-campus UROP research are as follows:

UROP-Related Travel Requirements

Students planning to travel domestically or overseas for their UROP research are required to file specific travel forms with UROP staff well before their planned departure date.

In addition, students should indicate any potential travel in the appropriate section on their online UROP application and in the text of their UROP proposal.

Please note: travel paperwork only applies to travel related to UROP positions and does not include personal excursions, vacations, trips home, etc.

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