MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Options: Faculty/Department Funding (Sponsored Research)

In many cases, UROP funding comes directly from your faculty supervisor. Faculty who pay students' UROP stipends may choose to pay more than the standard UROP stipend and set a higher hourly rate of pay. They may not pay less than the UROP hourly rate (currently $11.00, moving to $11.50 on June 1, 2017).

Like all other UROP types, faculty-funded UROP applications and must be submitted by the applicable UROP deadline for the given term/summer, but you should submit your application before you start work in-lab to ensure prompt payment receipt.

Payroll Eligibility

Term Options and Hours Worked

Faculty-funded projects begun in the fall term may continue during IAP, and projects begun during IAP with sponsored research funding may continue into the spring term, provided that you select the appropriate Fall/IAP or IAP/Spring term when completing your application. Faculty-funded UROPs that begin during IAP should be submitted well before the official IAP start date to ensure timely processing and payment.

If overtime hours in a faculty-funded UROP are likely or necessary, you should make certain, in advance, that your supervisor is aware of these overtime hours and that there are enough funds to cover the cost.

NOTE: If you are an international student, you are limited to the number of hours you may work each week. Contact staff in the International Students Office with any questions or for additional information on restrictions.

Approval Notification

Once approved: