Chris's (Outdated) Domain

This place is old...check out my blog/website at

iDoor - iPhone Controlled Hydraulic door
Why I didn't need to carry keys seniors year.

Facebook Demographics
Using scrapped aggregate data off of facebook to analyze social trends.

Interesting Connections
A social network analysis scheme to reveal connections between members of your network you didn't know existed (hopefully). Example through facebook.

A little 'ol website I worked at in the summer of 2007.

JACK: A Takedown Resistant Botnet
A design paper I wrote with alexrs, and yuhsin on an anonymous takedown resistant botnet we came up with.

Cool project I've worked on sporadically since 2005, definitely check it out. OpenLabWare is to the research process as OCW is to the instruction process.

Non-tech stuff
My Students' projects
Websites of middle school students I taught one summer in Guangzhou and Nanjing China through the CETI program, which I know help organize. They loved <marquee>. (this is my favorite)

East Campus i3 Video
This is a video I worked on that is being sent to the Class of 2011 to introduce them to East Campus (the awesome place where I live).

Experimental Study Group Video
This introduced MIT's class of 2010 to ESG!

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Cambridge, MA