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I completed my Masters in EECS from MIT in 2007 (thesis). I am a continuing PhD student, am putting together a startup (See Aspiring Minds) in the domain of Human Capital Assessment and labour inclusion. Also see my new homepage: TRY2DOIT for what other stuff I have been doing lately.

My research is focused on development and application of powerful algorithms combining evolutionary algorithm and machine learning techniques. I am currently designing new algorithms for multi-objective optimization and automatic modeling techniques for convex optimization and analyzing analog circuits from a complex system perspective.

I am a part of the Evo-DesignOpt Group. My research is supervised by Dr. Una-May O'Reilly, who is a Principal Research Scientist at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT.

My expertise lies in evolutionary algorithms, machine learning and analog CAD. I have designed and applied these algorithms to multivariate regression, circuit sizing, protein structure prediction, network coding, optimal code parallelization, oscillator topology design, etc.

AWARD: I recently won GOLD at HUMIES, Human Competitive Awards at GECCO 2006 for evolutionary oscillator design.

  My intellectual interests are attuned to study of evolutionary biology and neurobiology; spirituality and philosophy. As an engineer, I am interested in numerous areas in electronics and algorithms, bio-inspired engineering being highly inspirational to me. I keep a balance between intellectual gymnastics and real practical work!

Ideologically, I am driven by looking for solutions to social problems (I call them 'real problems'). I love to know about social issues being pursued by individuals or organizations and be a part. A few efforts of which I am an active part are CURE (co-founder) and MIRG (founder).

My mother tongue, Hindi is a faithful companion in life and writing poems, articles and stories in Hindi (English too) is a keen hobby. I also try my hand at what I call poetic art. Premchand, Leo Tolstoy, Anton Chekhov, Subhas Bose are some of my favorite authors. Vivekananda and Subhas Bose are a few great men who have had an immense influence on my present view of life, society and one's karma!

What am I doing these day?  Research and Courses! ** Coalition to Uproot Ragging from Education (CURE) ** MIT India Reading Group (MIRG)

I write .... Elementary Education in India ** Ragging strikes again ** The philosophy of Hinduism  ** A Prayer ** An Interpretation of Om Jai Jagadish ** Blog

I advocate... JC Bose being a party to invention of radio (More...) ** Zero tolerance to ragging **

What else? I try to draw!

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Varun Aggarwal,
Masters of Science, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT, USA
Continuing PhD Student

Email:  varun _ ag @ c s a i l . m i t . e d u   

Looking for::

a. Consultancy offers in evolutionary algorithms, machine learning, convex optimization and CAD for analog design.

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* 'Griha-Prishtha' is the hindi translation of 'HomePage'
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