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Note: These articles have been written at older times and my views have evolved since then. Even if some of my views remain same, my way of arguing them and providing evidence has changed. I take responsibility for all I have written since 2005. For others, please feel free to write to me for clarification. This holds for the more serious stuff here, art is timeless!


Education Models for the underprivileged sector in India (For The Spark Group, March 2007)

Elementary Education in India: How do we get a 20 year jump? (With other contributors, August 2006)
For MIT India Reading Group

2005-06: Ragging strikes yet again (Co-authors: Harsh Agarwal, Mohit Garg; June 2006)
For Coalition to Uproot Ragging in Education

Ragging makes one Bold (2005)
Inherent contradictions of this myth

Is India Dying (Written 1999)
An article I penned in 11th standard in High School

Religion and Spirituality

A Prayer (2005)

An Interpretation of Om Jai Jagdish (2003)
A reflection of my mind

The philosophy of Hinduism (Jan 2006, Slides)
Part of informal Course on Hinduism taught at IAP, MIT, 2006/07

Why I need a religion? How it instructs me (Jan 2006, slides)
Part of informal Course on Hinduism taught at IAP, MIT, 2006/07

Legends associated with Deepawali (2006, slides)
Presented at Diwali Nite, Sangam, MIT.
(See videos [1] [2], Courtesy, Abhinav Agarwal)

On spirtuality  (2001-2003)
Four articles exploring the karmic theory, Sri Ramakrishna and 'logic' in religion.


Experimental Art 
A new form of innovative art ;)

Poems in Hindi

A prayer

Mera Yaar Aisa to Na tha...  
Guess who is the 'yaar'/friend.