Here is something what I call art coming from a poet (as if I am a reputed one ;) ). This form of art totally gets rid of all the unwanted details, surroundings and focusses on the issue the sketch depicts. For example: this may mean bloating to large size some relatively smaller object due to its high relavance and throwing some larger but irrelavant object to the background.

Its a poet's way to depict something, where he maynot directly show the object, but use a symbol, or make the image losely tied and very abstract. It leaves it to the viewer to interpret.

I, ofcourse know that some people may say that this art is for people who dont know how to draw! Well, maybe they are right; but this handicap might   actually be the biggest asset for people like me :-))


So here is 'Poetic Art' unleashed for you...

These are some designs I did on the stairs for Rangoli on Diwali of 2002...

ganesha.tif (1000856 bytes)

surya.tif (2350856 bytes)

Sri Ganesh, the excessive abstractness here draws inspiration from the thought that Sri Ganesh might have been a good luck symbol in the beginning, which took form of a human diety later. A small shru at the bottom might be just noise!
Sri Surya Narayan, A group of philosophers believe that Narayan might just have been Surya personified. The abstract drawing shows the surya-kirane looking like the pitambar, the tri-pag   (controversial morning, noon and evening), and the poet's imagination in the shesh-naag, there is more to it ...

sita_ravan.tif (4378144 bytes)

val_ramayan.tif (3493688 bytes)
Courage, The great Sita uses a (bloated) mere twig to protect herself from the ten headed demon holding a mighty talwar. An apt comparison of simplicity and courage with glamour and power... Inspiration, A depiction of the scene which inspired the great Ramayana, where in the background is the hunter killing the joda; and the foreground shows the creation of the great epic.



Varun Aggarwal

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