The following article was written during a discussion on the relevance of religion and why it is dimishing in the present generation.

When the question of spirituality and how it is vanishing from our lives, I will like to trace the happenings in our life since our birth. When we are kids, we believe in God and spiritual stuff, our general source of information remains our parents, customs, television serials like Ramayan, Mahabharat,etc. We develope a outlook which comprises of full faith in God. But soon we are introduced to logic and science, and our beliefs slowly starts shattering. This is one of the most painful times.

Here I will like to make a point, that though the best part of epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata is that it flows in our very life, we can relate with it, idealise it, love the characters, but they barely fail in front of logic and seems an irrational outcome of excessive emotionalism!! For something to look logical, a philosophy is needed which forms the substratum of all epics, views, etc. This philosophy has to be something like advaita, vishisht advait, or the buddhist theory, etc. But unfortunately the brandwagon of secularism makes it sure that we are not able to understand the finer points of any philosophy. I remember reading in history books about buddhism and all they said was that it is good because it had no rituals. I had no idea about any philosophy or logic. At this stage, obviously clinging to just emotionalism is not possible!!

It is the third stage when we come to know about different  philosophies, that we become positive towards religion and start believing that it has a rational meaning. Please, I do believe in bhakti yoga, the mad love for God (when we care for no logic!!), but I believe bhakti yoga is 'unlearning after learning', a philosophical foundation is necessary and then you realise that you want to go for bhakti yoga. In the same context, I remember that when Vivekanand came in the company of Sri Ramakrishna, he wished that he forgets all sciences, all his knowledge and can concentrate on God like a person who only knows LOVE!!! This is the cycle, 'unlearning after learning'.

Conclusily,   I belive basically due to ignorance of what really spirituality is, people tend to sway above from it.

This article is kind of incomplete and ends abrupty. When I wrote it, I was short on time.

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