An Interpretation of Om Jai Jagadish

When I go to the shrine in my house to pray Shri Krishna, Om Jai Jagadish is the Aarti I sing. It is in the evening, when I get time to face my creator, my friend and my only hope(!), generally it is not because I wish to talk to him, but it is due to the rule that prayers have to be offered twice daily. (And it is such rules, which makes Hinduism more of a religion than a philosophy, but they are important for making one disciplined. ) So when my mother is busy, its me who becomes the alternative.

When I sing this eternal aarti to the Lord of the Universe, manifested as two large idols of Radha-Krishna, with every line I utter, I try to talk to God and tell him what I am, what I think he is, what I want to be and what binds us together... Thus, following is my talk with Lord through Om Jai Jagadish…

Om Jai Jagadish Hare, Swami Jai Jagadish Hare

Looking at the eternally beautiful idols of Sri Krishna, I plunge into this infinite blue of his eyes, for a minute my mind sways, is this lust, is this infatuation, is this being glamorized, but I pull it back and float in the state, just looking into the eyes of the universal attracter, my mind almost empty of thoughts, not knowing what I am thinking or what to think and the next second, next line springs up…

Bhakt/Das jano ke sankat, kshann mein door kare

I am too much in the first line at this time, and mostly this line never got interpreted, being a victim (!) of the aura of the first line… And I wish not to interpret it now.

Jo dhyave, fal paave, dukh binse man ka

I remember the Gita for a second, I interpret 'dhyave' not as praying, but as doing karma, doing ones duty and feel pride in repeating the truth (or what I will like to be the truth), that whosoever does his duty, gets the results and hence sorrow vanishes. Ofcourse I emotionally colour these lines, where divine grace becomes the force implementing this truth, I see/imagine Krishna (in the idol manifestation) smiling at its successful implementation

Sukh Sampati / Krishna-kanhaiya ghar aave, kasht mite tan ka

The two times when this line is sung, I use two different versions, which I mention above. I philosophize (inspired from the Bhagvatam), God, give me wealth for investing in your path (I remember the social cause I work for, and how we need money), give me good health so that I can concentrate and do good work, can walk on your path … And when I read the second version, I am too emotional for a philosophical interpretation, may Lord comes to my home, my heart, OM

Maata Pita tum mere, sharan gahu mein kiski

I remember how I have longed for a guru all my life, someone who will understand me, who will know me, who will destroy my funny philosophical concepts in a wink and I have found none, Hey Krishna, I know its only you to whom I can come to and pray, you are my everything, you have shown me the path, you will show me the path in future, you are my guru, and none else, I have the faith…

Tum/Swami bin aur naa dooja, aas karu mein jisko

I think I have said it in the last paragraph, what I feel about these lines aswell, it has a beautiful mixture of both philosophy and the emotional religion of Chaitanya.

Tum Puran Parmatama, Tum antaryaami

Hey Krishna, I know, and I will not flow with feelings, you are not as limited as you look in this human form, you are the Supreme Lord, the whole Universe is just a part of you, I salute you… Just then I turn my neck and look into the mirrors of the shrine, where I see how Parmatama is encompassing everything till infinity and am mesmerized by this vedantic truth, so much in the puraanas too. I bow him as antaryaami, the all knowing, and think, I know Krishna, that you know whats going in my mind, I think I am a great philosopher, I am very egoistic, you know all dark secrets of my life, I am such a selfish brat, still if I know myself rightly, I want to know you, walk on your path, my intentions are clear, desires bind me, and you being Antaryaami shall not only asses me rightly, but fulfil my spiritual wish. I bow to you.

Paarbrahm Parmeshwar, tum sabke swami

When I was very young (9-10 yrs) and listened or sung this aarti, it somehow struck to me that these lines say that Vishnu is the highest in the trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh, I think Brahm of Parbhram gave that feeling to me. However when I sing these lines today, it's the same passion, hey Krishna, you are the supreme lord of the universe, the highest… however I get a bit confused on the word 'swami', where Advait tries to bang with the walls of dvait, and I try to see swami as the swami of hearts, if I get another moment before going to the next line, I salute Sri Vishnu as Swami because he is perfect, not seeing him as an individual, not saluting the individual, but saluting the perfection, a form resulting from total control of desires, total ceasation of selfishness, I salute Perfection, goal of every human being. This way I save my mind from any debates and continue…

Tum ho ek agochar, sabke praanpati

Well, I always wanted to, but never checked the dictionary on agochar, however I always presume, that it means that hey Krishna, you reside anywhere and everywhere, nothing is hidden from you, you are the life spark in me…

Kisi vidhi milu dayamaye/gosai, tumko mein kumati

In a flood of emotionalism, I pray God, how I wish to meet the divine Krishna, the all perfect, I don't know why I want to see you, my philosophy is gone, oh! My mind, is this infatuation, howz this different from worldly attraction!!! But the next minute, I am back in control, I call myself, kumati, knowing it is the truth, knowing my weakness, knowing how many times I have wronged people, and how God knows everything, how I feel pride in admitting my mistakes, Hey Krishna, I know, as of now, I am very far from reaching you, though I sing so in my emotions, in my passion.

Tum karuna ke saagar, tum paalankarta

I know Krishna, the divine law will take its course, I  remember a very dear friend, who has been thrashed by destiny for no fault of his, but I believe in you, the karma cycle will set everything right, your justice is eternal. I get confused at the word 'Karuna', philosophy wont accept this, why karuna, when everyone is on his on karma, then I remember what I crook I am, and still I want the mercy of Lord, I want to see the truth through him, I see how the karmic law can be interpreted from the emotional side, as The boon granting lord giving justice to everyone., though philosophy is not satisfied, I drive my mind to these ideas, and the boat goes on…

Mein murakh khal kaami, Kripa karo bharta

How right, I am the idiot having all the wrong wishes, and see the irony, I realize they are wrong, I have tried my best to control my sensual desires, the lustful, the one for power, the one for fame, I think I have lost, I take refuge in you, I know sankirtan is the way, bhakti is the way to purify oneself, I hope for your kripa… And the ideas of the preivous line find a safe haven here.

Deenbandhu, dukhharta, tum thakur/rakshak mere

Hey Deenbandhu, the friend of the less fortunate, I say and I remember the pains in the world, the poor, the hungry, the exploited, but I know Sri Krishna is with them, he is their friend, (not to confuse it for some philosophical discrepancy here, its not Sri Krishna's eternal nature, but he tells how a able person should be, always ready to befriend and help a less fortunate person -- after thought). I know Krishna you are my rakshak; while doing my duty, I shall not be afraid of anything, you protect me, my karma protects me, give me courage, I shouldn't be scared to do my duty, to do the right, when you back me, when you back the rightful…

Apne haath badhaao/apne charan lagaao, dwaar pada mein tere

With these lines, my eyes turn towards the hands of the Lord and I imagine they are moving, I see the beautiful flute in his hands, I take a dip in his external beauty, and I surrender unto his feet and for a moment… I wish he would accept me, Nothing happens…

Vishay Vikaar mitaao, paap haro deva

In a wink, I am reminded about my lustful deeds, all the wrong I have done, unable to control my self, and I go on and on, repeating 'vishay vikaar mitaao', hoping that I will become more powerful, shall have more control over myself, I shall win 'vikaar' and I just keep repeating trying to condition my mind to concentrate on Nothing… And then I say Paap Haro Deva, For a moment, my eyes are wet in repentance, in the shame of doing the wrong, knowing I can never undo it, I pray paap haro deva, give me a chance to undo it…

Shshradha bhakti badhaao, santan ki seva

I remember how I am unable to respect anyone fully in action and thought, either something lustful creeps in my mind, I become a critic or just an hypocrite, I don't understand Bhakti, I am unable to be a bhakta of anyone, I ask you to light the spirit of respect, bhakti and service in me. Teach me know how to respect perfection…

Tan man dhan jo kuchch hai mera, sab hai tera

My body, soul, mind everything is yours Sri Krishna, onto your service. I know I am unable to keep up this feeling, but then I think, if I am not, you have my word, I have surrendered to you today, and you need to use me, its my promise Lord, its you who implements it, I have given myself to you, now everything I do is your responsibility and not mine, that's how I try to explain myself, yes, keeping up the desire of total surrender one day.

Tera tujhko arpit kya laage mera…

The same feeling as before flows through this line, Its all yours Sri Krishna, In the end I see Advait, Its all yours Krishna, its all you…

With this mindset, I end the prayer. I don't know, when I am actually praying, how many times, my mind just wanders off. It depends, whether I have been forced out of some work to pray or my mind is free… thus ends my talk with Krishna…


  • I have used Krishna, (and sometimes Vishnu), when the aarti is for Sri Vishnu. I see no difference between the two, I have used the name of the same manifestation according to my imagination at the particular time.
  • Aarti actually means glorifying Lord, and was done after a Pooja (ritual) to ask Lord to pardon for the mistakes that happened during the pooja, however for me it's a dialogue with Sri Krishna.
  • I have not tried to write any philosophical treatise on dvait and Advait here, I have just recorded, how I convince my mind during the aarti, shuttling between the two philosophies.
  • I have kept it to minimum editing to what I wrote in the first go, it is just like this-- with all the phrases, loosely ended lines, right now I don't even take the pain to italicize stuff to distinguish hindi and English.

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