Completed in June July, 2002

Implemented on AT90S2313
Under Mr. DV Gadre

What is a pedometer?

Pedometer is a device, which is worn by a person on his belt and it measures the number of steps and the distance walked by the person. It is generally used by people who do measured exercise every day. Otherwise, it is a harmless piece of leisure. The device counts the number of steps taken by the person and multiplies it by the average step length fed to give the distance walked by the person.

In the present project, we are measuring the number of steps, distance and instantaneous velocity of the person using it.

The project involved:

         To decide upon the input and output capabilities of the device.

         To design the hardware and draw the schematic (Done using Eagle Layout Editor)

         To build the board for the project. The board was hard-wired.

         To write the software for the application in AVR Assembly. Codes for different modules were executed and tested on the simulator/hardware.

         Downloading the code to the board and testing different modules separately.

         Download the final code for testing.


The Hardware:


pedo_lcdbrd.jpg (86017 bytes)

pedo_mainbrd.jpg (79570 bytes)


Software tools used


Eagle Layout Editor, Wavrasm, AVR Studio, AVRISP



I acknowledge the support and help provided by Mr. Dhananjaye Gadre, AP, NSIT. Without his support, guidance and encouragement, this project couldn’t have been put together. I also thank him for providing the basic hardware and dongle for programming my board.

I also thank Mr. Gerhard Schmidt for answering my queries through email regarding AVR assembly.

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