MIT I/S Distributed Computing
and Network Services

Distributed Computing and Network Services (DCNS) works with other Information Systems (IS) departments to provide campus-wide information technologies that serve the MIT community. DCNS has operational responsibility for key elements of MIT's distributed computing infrastructure, including:

DCNS has the following sub-organizations:

Director's Office
name: D'Oliveira, Cecilia R
email: CEC@MIT.EDU
phone: (617) 253-0893
Fax: (617) 258-8736
address: E40-319
department: Information Systems
title: Director Of Distributed Computing & Network Services
Campus Wide Information Services (CWIS)
The CWIS team helps the MIT community make effective use of the World Wide Web (WWW) and other Information publishing resources on the Internet. For more information contact
Development (DCNS-DEV)
DCNS-DEV develops applications that allow MITnet customers to make effective and productive use of the MITnet. This includes the creation and revision of Athena system software. They evaluate and implement, when appropriate, third party applications that serve the MITnet customer base - selected UNIX, Macintosh and DOS/Windows platforms.
Network Systems and Operations
Network Systems and Operations has two groups: The Network Operations Center is responsible for the day-to-day management of the MITnet, as well as planning future network technology implementations. The Systems Support group also manage the various server systems on which Athena relies.
Network Support Services (NSS)
NSS provides front-line application and installation support to MITnet customers and maintain, an ftp site for MITnet, and other network, applications that are supported by IS.
Watchmakers are I/S staff developers who attended MIT as students while working for Information Systems.

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