Victoria Dean

Undergrad in Computer Science at MIT

I am a senior at MIT studying computer science. My research interests are in machine learning and in the application of machine learning to areas such as robotics and language understanding. Recently, I've been doing research in Antonio Torralba's computer vision group. I've done internships at Deep Genomics, Counsyl, Google, and Coursera.


Deep Learning for Branch Point Selection in RNA Splicing

Built BRANCHR, a state-of-the-art model for predicting branch point selection, a crucial step in RNA splicing. Convolutional neural network built with TensorFlow. Work accepted to WIML and MLCB at NIPS 2016. Selected for oral presentation at MLCB. Deep Genomics, summer 2016 [paper]

Understanding Personality with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Created personality dataset by having Mechanical Turk users take personality quizzes for characters in Hollywood movies. Trained convolutional neural network models to classify Skip-Thought Vectors from video sequences, which are correlated with character personality. Presented poster at EECScon 2016. MIT Computer Vision group, spring 2016 [poster]

Predicting the Future: Generative Models for Video

Experimented with CNN models to predict a frame given past frames. Presented poster at SuperUROP poster session. MIT Computer Vision group, Fall 2015 [poster]

Automated Search for Lyman Alpha Emitters

Developed pattern matching software to search spectra for distant galaxies. Presented poster at 2013 American Astronomical Society meeting. Intel Science Talent Search semifinalist. UC Santa Cruz, 2011-2012 [paper]



  • I co-founded Code for Good, an MIT student group that works with Boston-area nonprofits on technical projects.
  • Member of the MIT Society of Women Engineers board
  • Languages: English (native), Mandarin (conversational), Spanish (beginner)