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Curriculum Vitae

Born: 1945 Forest City, Iowa
Education: 1963-67 Smith College, Northampton, MA, BA cum laude
1974-77 Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, M-Ed.

1967-69 Teacher, French Department, Clayton Public Schools, Clayton, MO
French Curriculum Consultant, Clayton Public Schools
Teacher, Cultural Enrichment Program, St. Louis Public Schools, St. Louis, MO
1969 Teacher, Art Department, St. Louis Public Schools
1969-70 Exhibits Developer, Education Department, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago IL
1971-72 Elementary Education Specialist, National Collection of Fine Arts, Smithsonian Institution, Washinton, DC
1973-75 Exhibits Developer, Children's Museum, Boston, MA
1975- Fellow, Center for Advanced visual Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
1977-88 Teacher, "Art and the Environment" and topical seminars at CAVS
1989-94 Lecturer, Department of Architecture, MIT
1990 Senior Consultant, ARTTRANSITION '90, CAVS/MIT
1994-95 acting Co-Director, CAVS/MIT
1996 - Senior Fellow, CAVS/MIT
1997- Charlotte Moorman Fellow, MIT
1994- Member, MIT Advisory Council on Art-Science-Technology
1995- Sky Art Conference co-Director
1996- Head, Vision Arts Group, CAVS/MIT

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Field Museum of Natural History, workshops toward an exhibition for the blind and visually handicapped, 1969-70

National Collection of Fine Arts, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., designed Children's Gallery; developed Improvisational Tour; established annual Children's Day festival, 1971-72

Interactive exhibits, Children's Museum, Boston, exhibits developer, "Centre Street", "Telephones", "Camping", "Me", "Water", "Dentists", "We're Still Here", "Bits and Pieces", 1973-75

"Arttransition", CAVS/MIT, Cambridge, MA, 1975

"You are Here", Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, 1976

"Centerbeam",project coordinator, CAVS/MIT at documenta 6, Kassel,Germany, 1977

"Centerbeam DC" with sky events, project coordinator, Washington, DC, 1978

"5 Artists/5 Technologies", documentation room, Grand Rapids Art
Museum, Grand Rapids, MI 1979

International Biennial Exhibition of Graphic and Visual Art,
documentation room, CAVS/MIT in Viennna, Austria, 1980

Fiestas de Octubre, project coordinator, Guadalajara, Jalisco,
Mexico, 1979

Ars Electronica, coordinator for CAVS/MIT, Linz,Austria, 1980

"SKY ART Conference", co-director, CAVS/MIT, Cambridge, MA, 1981; Linz, 1982; Munich, Germany, 1983; Cambridge, MA,1986, Delphi and Ikaria, Greece, 2002

"Interfaces" project coordinator, artists telecommunications event between CAVS/MIT and the American Center, Paris, 1981

"International Alarm" with Otto Piene, audio composition: "International Alarm" with Edward Le Poulin, "Der Hahnenschrei" with Gregory Garvey, SKY ART Conference 1983

"Electra", Musee de l'art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 1983

"Trio" performance with Keiko Prince and Edward Le Poulin, CAVS/MIT, Cambridge, MA, 1983

"SKY ART: Interactive Videodisc Travelling Exhibition", by Fellows of CAVS/MIT, project coordinator,1984

"The Inner Eye: From the Inside Out: Laser Treatment" for "Vision" AZTEC travelling exhibition,( premiere at Boston Museum of Science, Oct. 1985) 1985-88

"Coyote" with David Atherton, performance for "Desert Sun/Desert Moon", Lone Pine, CA, 1986

"EYE/SIGHT" with Vin Grabill, interactive video installation for "Lights/OROT", Yeshiva University Museum, New York, 1988-89

"EYE/SIGHT", with Vin Grabill for "Otto Piene und das CAVS", Badischer Kunstverein, Karlruhe, Germany, 1988

"SKY CRY", with Otto Piene and Christopher Janney, SKY ART ALASKA, Anchorage, AK, 1988

"EYE/SIGHT II" installation for "Celebration of Light", Savonlinna, Finland, 1989

"KIKERIKI", with Otto Piene for "Images du Futur", Montreal, 1989

"Photografie, Wissenschaft und Neue Technologien", Kunstmuseum
Düsseldorf, 1990

"EYE/SIGHT" with Vin Grabill, installation for Options, 1990 at the Washington Project for the Arts, Washington D.C., 1990

"Retinal Poetry Via the Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope", with
Robert Webb, ARTTRANSITION '90, MIT, Cambridge, MA, 1990

"Dialogue de Têtes", project coordinator, Reims, France, 1990

"Retinal Poetry: Experiments in Visual Language Seen through the
SLO",with Robert Webb, CAVS/MIT, 1991

"Eye Room", for Light/Space/Time, MIT Museum, with Vin Grabill, 1994

"Retinal Poetry on Steam", with Joan Brigham, CAVS/MIT, 1994

Video Poetry, performance/reading CAVS/MIT, 1994

1st SLO Internet Demonstration, CAVS/MIT, January, 1996

E Y E exhibition, Compton Gallery, MIT, 2002

"Eye to Eye", Exhibition of Retina Prints, Groton School, Groton, MA, 2003

"Eye to Eye", Exhibition of Retina Prints, UMKC Fine Arts Gallery, Kansas City, MO, 2004

Sky Arts Conference, Delphi Icaria, Greece, 2004

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"A New Approach to the Art Museum Visit", New York State
Teachers Visual Literacy Conference, 1971

"A Gallery for Children", DC Gazette, Jan. 26, 1972

"Touching with our Eyes", Art Teacher, Spring, 1972

"The Improvisational Tour", presented at a NAEA regional conference, 1972

"The History, Theory and Practice of Public Celebration", three lectures presented at MIT's summer session workshop, 1975

"The New Journalism", Museum News, Spring, 1977

"The Medium of Exhibitry" public lecture, Montclair College, Montclair, NJ, 1976

"Kinetic Sculpture", editor, National Endowment for the Arts, 1978

International Biennial Exhibition of Graphic and Visual Art, catalog, Vienna, 1979

Art that Flies", Flying Colors, Braniff International Travel Magazine, 1979

Centerbeam, co-editor, Cambridge, MIT Press, 1981

SKY ART Conference, co-editor, CAVS/MIT, 1981

"SKY ART Conference", in ars electronica, Linz, 1983

SKY ART Conference Munich catalog, co-editor, 1983

"Sky Art" with Otto Piene, Parnass, Linz, Sept/Oct., 1982

Laser Treatment, Poems and Two Stories, Blue Giant Press, Boston, 1983
(Review of Laser Treatment by Dan Jaffe, New Letters, vol. 51, no. 1, Fall, 1984)

"SKY ART: Interactive Videodisc Travelling Exhibition" catalog editor, with Otto Piene, 1984

"The SKY ART Conference 1981-86" in Lightworks , 1985

Commissioned portfolio, “The Kansas City Children’s Park” with Otto Pience for Hallmark, Kansas City, 1985; subsequently exhibited in several exhibitions

"SKY ART Manifesto", co-author, with Otto Piene and Lowry Burgess, 1986 (first presented at UNESCO Conference on the Peaceful Use of Space, Paris, 1986; subsequently reprinted in several publications

"Desert Sun/Desert Moon and the SKY ART Manifesto", Leonardo, Dec., 1987

"Collaboration at CAVS", in Otto Piene und das CAVS catalog, Kunstverein Karlsruhe,Germany, 1988

"The Center for Advanced Visual Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology", in Lights/OROT catalog, Yeshiva University Museum, New York, 1988

"The Center for Advanced Visual Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology", in Celebration of Light (catalog), Savonlinna, Finland, 1989

video presentation at Locarno Video Festival, Locarno, Switzerland, 1989

"Documenting Vision Loss", New Enqland Journal of Optometry, vol. 42, 1, Winter 1990
(award for best non-technical article by Society of Optometry)

Center Poems , editor, CAVS/MIT, 1991

A Visual Language for the Blind" presented at the second international SLO Conference, San Diego, CA, 1992

"Roosters and Lasers" presented at Babel, a UNESCO Conference on Art andTechnology, Kunsthochschule für Medien, Cologne, 1992

Without Warning , 49 poems, BkMk Press and Helicon 9, Kansas City, 1995

Creating a Visual Language for People who are Visually challenged, ISEA, Montreal, 1995

reading, The Writer's Place, Kansas City, June 1995

Creating a Visual Language for the Blind and Visually Challenged, College Art Association, presentation, Boston, 1996

reading, Cosmopolitain Club, New York, 1996

reading, Poets At Large, Kansas City, 1996

lecture, Parallaxe Conference, Meduse, Quebec, Canada, 1996

"Eye to Eye" presented at Holographic Networking Conference, Berlin, 1996

"Socks" in "Through the Looking Glass" anthology, National Library of Poetry, 1996

reading, “Friends of the Library, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 1997

interview, NPR, “New Letters on the Air”, 1997

reading “Nashoba Watershed Assoc.”, Groton, MA, 1997

“Princess” in SPUD SONGS, (Kansas City: Helicon Nine), 1998

reading “Spud Songs”, Borders Books, Kansas City, 1999

“Visualizing Vision Loss” in SYLLABUS, spring, 2001

‘Portfolio” in PRAIRIE SCHOONER, March, 2001

lecture,“Visual Poems” for PRAIRIE SCHOONER’s 75th Anniversary Conference, 2001

E Y E poems and retina prints Kansas City: Bkmk Press, 2002

Reading, Compton Gallery, MIT, September, 2002

“Face of the Dragonfly” reading, Compton Gallery, MIT, 2002

Reading, Groton School, Groton, MA, 2003

Reading UMKC, Kansas City, MO, 2004

Contributor Sky Arts Conference Catalogue, CAVS/MIT, 2005

"Hotel in Chance of A Ghost", Helicon Nine editions, 2005

Two readings at the Cornelia St. Cafe, New York, 2005

"Enhanced Visual Experiences and Seeing Hardward for Reduced Vision: A Pilot Study", Optometry, Vol. 77, No.2, February 2006

Selected reviews and articles about Goldring's Visual Language research and her poetry have appeared in: MIT's Tech Talk, March 1995; The New Scientist, April 1995; Business Week, March, 1995; The London Daily Telegraph, April, 1995; The Chicago Herald Tribune, 1995; R &D Digest, 1995; MIT's Spectrum Magazine, 1996; Harvard Magazine, 1996; ABC World News Tonight, 1996; UMKC Magazine, 1996; BBC Tomorrow’s World, 1998; Technology Reiview, 1997; Boston Globe (week-end feature), 1997; MIT Tech Talk, 2006; New York Times, science section, 2006; International Hero Tribute, 2006; Reuters, 2006; CNET (online), 2006; New Scientest (online), 2006; Live Science (online), 2006

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"International Alarm" with Edward Le Poulin, (7 minute 8-track audio work),1982

"Der Hahnenschrei" with Gregory Garvey, (5 minute audiotape), 1983

"EYE/SIGHT Poems", (15 minute audio tape), 1987

"The Inner Eye: From the Inside Out: Laser Treatment" (7 minutes) videotape with Vin Grabill, 1985

"Coyote", audiotape and live performance with David Atherton, 1986

"EYE/SIGHT Poems", audiotape, 1988

"The Inner Eye: From the Inside Out" (21 minutes) videotape with Vin Grabill, produced with a grant from the Diabetes Research and Education Foundation, 1988

Photographs in Omni, Lightworks, Smithsonian Magazine, Leonardo, and other professional journals, textbooks and popular publications

"A Visual Language for the Blind", videotape by Ellen Sebring, (17 minutes), 1991

Computer dictionary of Word-Images and Visual Symbols for three and four-letter nouns and verbs (- work in progress)

"Toward Interactive Television Environments for the Blind", (6 min, 30') with Vin Grabill, 1995

“Eye Dance” with Setih Riskin, 1998; 2000

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National Endowment for the Arts "InterArts" grant as project director for "Desert Sun/Desert Moon", 1985-86

Diabetes Research and Education Foundation Grant for "The Inner Eye: From the Inside Out", 1987

"The Inner Eye: From the Inside Out", artist award, New England Regional Film/Video Fellowship Program, 1988

First prize for best non-technical article, Society of Optometrics, 1989

Council for the Arts at MIT, grant, 1990

Council for the Arts at MIT, grant, 1992

National Library of Poetry, Editor's Choice Award, 1996

National Endowment for the Arts, “artist of the month”, 1997

Charlotte Moorman Fellowship, MIT, 1997

Prix Ars Electronica, (honorable mention), 1996

outstanding achievement alumnus award, Lincoln Southeast High School, Lincoln, NE, 1997

WDR “Cyberstar” semi-finalist, 1998

Council for the Arts at MIT, grant, 2001

Council for the Arts at MIT, grant, 2002

Simmons College Medalist

NASA Pilot Study Grant, 2002

NASA Arts Program Comission, 2004

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College Art Association

International Society of Poets

American Academy of Poets

European Academy for Arts, Sciences and Humanities

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