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Front row, left to right: Dr. Hongmei Yan, Wenting Xiao, and Kirki Kofiani (MS).
Middle row, left to right: Alex Kalmikov (MS), Bryce Campbell, Dr. Yuming Liu, Professor Dick K. P. Yue,
Dr. Reza Alam, Dr. Roland Bouffanais , and Dr. Gabe Weymouth.
Back, left to right: Sankha Banerjee, and Grgur (Greg) Tokic.

  • Faculty director  
    Professor Dick K. P.Yue
    yue at:mit dot'edu

    Sc.D. M.I.T. School of Engineering
    Director, International Programs
    Director, Singapore-MIT Alliance
    Philip J. Solondz Professor of Engineering
    Professor of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering
  • Research staff
    Dr. Yuming Liu
    yuming at:mit dot'edu

    Ph.D M.I.T. School of Engineering
    Principal Research Scientist
    Dr. Kelli Hendrickson
    khendrk at:mit dot'edu

    Ph.D M.I.T. School of Engineering
    Research Engineer
    Dr. Roland Bouffanais
    bouffana at:mit dot'edu
    Dr. Gabe Weymouth
    weymouth at:mit dot'edu
    Dr. Mohammad-Reza Alam
    alam at:mit dot'edu
    Dr. Areti Kiara
    areti at:mit dot'edu
    Dr. Hongmei Yan
    hmyan at:mit dot'edu
  • Graduate research assistants and research focus
    Sankha Banerjee
    sankhab at:mit dot'edu
    Bryce Campbell
    bcampb at:mit dot'edu
    Yusheng Qi
    qys at:mit dot'edu
    Yulin Pan
    panyulin at:mit dot'edu
    Meng Shen
    mshen at mit dot edu
    Grgur Tokic
    gtokic at:mit dot'edu
    Adam Traina
    jatraina at:mit dot'edu
    Wenting Xiao
    wtxiao at:mit dot'edu
    Zao Xu
    xuzao at:mit dot'edu
  • Undegraduate research students (UROP)
    Emerald C Ferreira-Yang emify at:mit dot'edu
    Marie McGraw mmcgraw at:mit dot'edu
    Nick Souza nsouza at:mit dot'edu
    David S Anderson dsa at:mit dot'edu
    Jeffrey Huang jeff2012 at:mit dot'edu
    Liz Theurer jtheurer at:mit dot'edu
    Alice Brooks abrooks at:mit dot'edu
    Alec Marshall am713 at:mit dot'edu
    Stephanie Bian bian at:mit dot'edu
    Matt Gildner mattgmit at:mit dot'edu
  • Research affiliates
    Dr. Karl Burr Department of Mechanical Engineering
    University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Dr. Ben Connell

    Applied Physical Sciences Corp.
    Groton, CT

    Professor Hiroshi Kagemoto

    Department of Environmental Studies
    University of Tokyo
    Professor Yonghwan Kim

    Department of Naval Architecture &
    Ocean Engineering
    Seoul National University

    Professor Lian Shen

    Department of Civil Engineering
    The Johns Hopkins University
    Dr. Guangyu Wu

    Houston, TX

    Professor Qiang Zhu

    Department of Structural Engineering
    University of California, San Diego
  • Administrative support
    Patty Tolan
    ptolan at:mit dot'edu

Department of Mechanical Engineering
77 Massachusetts Avenue Room 5-303 Cambridge MA 02139-4307 Tel. 617·252·1635