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The MIT, Center for Ocean Engineering Vortical Flow Research Laboratory focuses on the study of hydrodynamic flows, by theoretical analysis, numerical simulations, and experimental investigations. Selected research interests of current VFRL members are given below.

   Yusheng Qi

  • Phase-resolved wave field simulation calibration of sea surface reconstruction using noncoherent marine radar

Dr. Mohammad-Reza Alam

Dr. Kelli Hendrickson

  • Multiphase Turbulent flow (e.g. ship wakes and pipe flows)
  • Coupled air-water interface and boundary layer dynamics
  • Viscous simulations and turbulence modeling of breaking water waves
  • Water droplets, air cavity dynamics

Dr. Roland Bouffanais

Dr. Hongmei Yan

Dr. Areti Kiara

  • Smoothed particle hydrodynamics for free-surface flows

Sankha Banerjee

  • Three-dimensional dynamics of a flapping flag in a uniform stream
  • RANS modeling using macro-scale two-phase flow simulations

Bryce Campbell

Yulin Pan

Meng Shen

Grgur Tokic

  • Optimization of fish-like swimming

Wenting Xiao

Zao Xu

Department of Mechanical Engineering
77 Massachusetts Avenue Room 5-303 Cambridge MA 02139-4307 Tel. 617·252·1635