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Blind cave fish mapping through mechanosensing
Dr. Roland Bouffanais

Hydrodynamic mechanosensing is instrumental to fish and some amphibians, and even more so to blind cave fish. It also represents, for underwater vehicles, an alternative way of sensing the fluid environment when visual and acoustic sensing are limited.

To assess the effectiveness of hydrodynamic mechanosensing and gain insight into its capabilities and limitations, we investigate both the forward and inverse problem of detection and identification of obstacles described using a general shape representation. The obtained results establish a physical basis for an efficacious progressive perceptual mechanosensing strategy, which is actually quite consistent with what people found in experiments and may have important implications for some novel biomimetic applications.


R. Bouffanais, G. D. Weymouth and D. K. P. Yue, "Hydrodynamic object recognition using pressure sensing",Proc. R. Soc. A, In Press, 2010. pdf, doi