VFRL Selected research areas 
Rogue waves occurrence study using large-scale
direct phase-resolved simulations
Wenting Xiao (wtxiao at:mit dot'edu )

Rogue waves usually are referred as the waves whose wave height is at least twice of the significant wave height. Rogue waves are suspected to cause many ship loss and offshore platform damage.

We are developing a framework to investigate the occurrence, statistics, and generation mechanisms of rogue wave in the open sea using direct three-dimensional phase-resolved nonlinear wavefield simulations.

The nonlinear wave simulations, including realistic environmental effects such as wind forcing, wave breaking, background current and co-exist swell, are capable to provide full three-dimensional kinematics and dynamics of rogue wave events, therefore is a powerful tool for understanding the underlying mechanisms of their generation.


"Spectral spreading angle has a strong effect on rogue wave morphology"