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The MIT, Center for Ocean Engineering Vortical Flow Research Laboratory directed by Professor Dick K.P. Yue is an 800 square ft laboratory with advanced capabilities for simulation of complex vortical flows.

The resources of the lab are used by undergraduate and graduate students, research staff and affiliates.

Research is performed utilizing powerful computer workstations and Linux clusters, as well as computer-video image conversion and state-of-the-art flow simulation animation technologies.

The highlight of the VFRL computational facility is a 35 dual-node, dual-core AMD Opteron Linux cluster from Microway. Workstations include a quad-core, Xeon-based Linux platform, and multiple Intel-based Linux and Windows XP PCs.

Members of the VFRL have extensive use of DoD HPC resources through sponsored grants and Challenge Projects using upwards of 1 Million CPU hours per year, since 1997.


Department of Mechanical Engineering
77 Massachusetts Avenue Room 5-303 Cambridge MA 02139-4307 Tel. 617·252·1635