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Currently, I am a post-doctoral associate at MIT, working with professor Karen Willcox.


My general research area is Computational Mathematics. The objective here is to build mathematical models of real-world systems and phenomena, and simulate them on a computer, mainly for prediction or design. More specifically, I develop methods to assess the accuracy of such simulations and efficiently incorporate uncertainty in them. My work lies at the intersection of physics, statistics, computer science and functional analysis. More details here. I also help develop the libMesh Finite Element library.



Last semester, I taught Monte Carlo methods as part of an undergraduate Computational Methods course at MIT. I have also TAed first year calculus courses at UT.


AID stands for Association for India's Development. Civil society is the fifth pillar democracy. AID supports a wide network of grass-roots and advocacy organizations across India. These organizations work on a wide spectrum of issues, ranging from health, education quality, the empowerment of women to the enforcement of environmental laws. This presentation will give you an idea of what AID does and how it works. I am currently a volunteer with the Boston chapter of AID.

Before this, I was a volunteer at the Austin Chapter from 2007 to 2012. There I co-ordinated a project regarding the quality of Math Education in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Here is a short presentation on the project, given to donors in April, 2009.

I have run some races for AID. Probably the best thing I ever did, besides convincing this lady to spend her life with me.


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