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TEAL Electricity & Magnetism

SECTION : Interacting Charges   

SUBJECT: The Electrostatic Videogame  

NOTE: You must be connected to the Internet the first time you view this simulation, at which point the codebase for all the simulations will be downloaded to your computer. This process make take a few minutes, as the codebase is roughly 9MB in size. Subsequent viewings of the applets will run from your local copy.


The Electrostatic Video Game is a simulation consisting of one charge that is free to move and two charges that are fixed at specific locations. Using the principles of Coulomb's Law, Pauli repulsion at close distances, and damping proportional to velocity, the objective of the game is to steer the moving charge around the maze to the exit in the lower right wall. This is accomplished by dynamically (in real time) changing the value of the charge on the moving particle in response to the forces acting on it due to the local electric field. By thinking about the the charges involved, and resulting fields, you should be able devise a strategy for guiding the particle to the exit.

Use the Start button to start simulation. Use Pause button to pause simulation. Use "Player Charge" slider in panel labeled "Point Charge" to change the charge of moving particle. Steer the moving particle around the maze (exit at lower right) by changing its charge.




Start Simulation
(Note: you must have Java™ J2SE v1.4+ JRE installed)