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TEAL - Electricity & Magnetism

Visualizing Electromagnetism         

Since before recorded history, man has been fascinated by electromagnetic phenomena, since they appear to happen magically. Objects which do not touch each other somehow “magically” exert an influence over other objects. It is as if some invisible presence surrounds these objects, linking them to other objects in ways that we cannot perceive with our normal senses

Our goal in the material presented herein is to make available many resources to do with teaching electromagnetism, and in particular to highlight visualizations of phenomena which are normally invisible.

We present a brief visual overview of classical electromagnetism as a flash document linked at

Visualizing Electromagnetism

For more detailed mathematical and visual treatments, explore the available material.


John Belcher, Peter Dourmashkin, Carolann Koleci, Sahana Murthy, Jennifer George-Palilonis