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SPIN Electricity & Magnetism

SECTION : Gravitational Radiation Intermediate Zone       



SUBJECT: curly E neg  

DESCRIPTION: A Dynamic Line Integral Convolution of the vector field curly E neg with no background quadrupole, with the scale chosen so as to illuminate the features of the intermedaite zone. The wavelength cT is indicated in the figure. The underlying velocity field for the DLIC is taken to be zero, so that the random pattern does not evolve, that is it is the same for each frame.

We have also added color coding to this movie to give some idea of the relativfe magnitudes of the eigenvalues. At each point we compute the ratio abs(eigenneg)/(abs(eigenpos)+abs(eigenneg)). If this ratio is less than 0.1 then we fade the image from light blue to dark blue/black as the ratio varies from 0.1 to 0.0. By looking at the image or movie we can tell which regions have small values of the negative eigenvalue compared to the positivfe eigenvalue.

Click on the figure to download and play the movie. This is an .avi format movie about 15 Meg in size (the spatial complexity makes the file size larger),