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SPIN Electricity & Magnetism

SECTION : Medium Smooth Spin-up      


SUBJECT: Medium Spin-up  

DESCRIPTION TOP PANEL: The fields in the equatorial plane as a function of time in units of a/c after a smooth polynomial spin-up in a time T starting at t = 0, with a/cT = 1.

DESCRIPTION BOTTOM PANEL: A dynamic line integral convolution movie of the magnetic field as a function of time over the same span of time as the movie in the top panel. The white line plot here is the theta component of the magnetic field, the same curve that is plotted in blue in the top panel. The red zones mark the regions of field created when the sphere is spinning up. Click on either panel or the links below to download and play the movies. These are .avi format movies, the first about 3 Meg and the second about 10 Meg.





640x480 upper
640x480 lower