Take a break from work and come to our monthly Cues on Tap events, held at various venues around MIT and the Boston area. As always, the food is on us -- just bring your appetite for communication, food, and fun!

Cued Speech is a form of communication used among some deaf people in addition to, or as an alternative to, American Sign Language. Our immersion evening series is designed to give members of the MIT community an opportunity to develop fluency in Cued Speech in a relaxed environment. Immersion evenings are modeled after the popular "silent dinners" that are used by language teachers to promote fluency in foreign languages. The immersion evenings are open to anyone who is interested in learning the system (we will provide cards and resources) as well as regular members who are interested in refining their skills. Visit National Cued Speech Association for more info on Cued Speech.

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Last updated: 6.29.12