Voo Doo Magazine Writer's Guide

We've thrown this together to help you make us happy. If we're happy, then we won't call you at 4 A.M. the night before the magazine has to go to the printer, begging you to come to the office and fix something that we've screwed up with your submission. Honest. It's for your own good.


Submitted artwork must be black ink originals (or very high quality photocopies) with no pencil marks. The printable space on a page of Voo Doo magazine measures 9" by 7" (thus, a quarter page cartoon should measure 4.5" by 3.5"). Oversized originals (like 18" by 14") are accepted, but quietly discouraged.

If you do submit photocopies of your original artwork, please "touch-up" any copier blotches with a black felt-tip pen and white-out.


The text in Voo Doo Magazine is currently typeset with Adobe PageMaker on the Producer's computer. You are strongly encouraged to submit your stories electronically by emailing them to voodoo [at] mit.edu. Your submission should be plain text, with paragraphs separated by a blank line. You may include font information and any other formatting requests... you will be contacted if it's unfeasable.


If you require more control over the formating of your submission (such as Raging Dave in the days of old), we do accept "ready-to-go" submissions. As long as your submission is black, and measures 9" by 7", we don't care how you made it. You can even use a Mac (we do).

Send comments, suggestions, and flames to voodoo [at] mit.edu.

Signed, Phos