Genesis and Theophysics

by The Rt. Rev. G. Everett Muerthwell, DD, MIT '74

Archaeology has finally come to the rescue in the controversy between evolutionists and creationists. Recent discoveries at Be'er Max and Tell Qwrwnh provide evidence to reconcile the competing claims of the two camps, those who accept the scientific and those who hold Biblically-based views of the Creation. The fragments found at these two sites permit the reconstruction of the Book of Genesis to its original text, before what can now be recognized as revisions were made to it. Even a casual reading of the reconstructed text reflects the technological sophistication of the civilization that produced it. Much of that sophistication was lost over the millennia through which it was transmitted to us, resulting in the version with which most people are familiar and which has caused all the furor. The reconstructed text of Genesis 1 appears below.

Theophysicists were quick to offer two explanations for the significant backsliding indicated. Both, of necessity, are based on conjecture, although each is given a plausible scenario. The first, and in this author's view more likely explanation, is that the text was first written some 40,000 years ago. Since that time, there have been two ice ages. During the first, civilization was unable or unwilling to maintain an adequate investment in education to train successive generations in the meaning of the text. During the subsequent warm period, the text was retained, but understanding had disappeared. The arrival of the second ice age was marked by cartelization of the trade in woolly mammoth skins, with the result that all written materials had to be seriously cut down in length. Two possibilities then arise, that the text was committed to memory and pieces were subsequently dropped as their significance and meaning were forgotten, or that the text was purposely edited at that time.

Evidence for the above hypothesis falls into three categories. First is the preservation of the flood story. The details of the flood as described in the surviving verses of Genesis are fully compatible with the equation of the flood and the (first?) ice age. The discovery early in this century of an ark-like structure embedded in the ice on the slopes of Mt. Ararat in Turkey gives credence to this view. The region of Mt. Ararat gets little rain, but the concept of lots of ice is well known. For members of generations living in the warm and dry lands below the mountain, neither floods nor ice is an everyday experience, so they undoubtedly are indebted to the mountain people for the concept. Perhaps also related are the stories about Atlantis, the ``mythical'' island kingdom described by Plato, which is said to have sunk into the sea. Recent researchers have found a strong similarity between Plato's description and the Norse heaven ``Asgard,'' which would have been an island in what we now call Denmark. Denmark, of course, is a cold country where lots of ice is not unheard of. But Asgard was different. It was warm and green, between the ice that surrounded it! No trace of Atlantis has ever been found under warm water.

The second line of evidence is based on the peculiar fashion in which the woolly mammoth became extinct. Several well-preserved specimens have been found frozen in the Siberian ice. In one case, the mammoth had some ancestors of today's daisies in its mouth. Clearly, these mammoths were trapped and frozen quickly, or else their bodies would have decomposed. Thus they must have been able to survive the ice, and something else must have done them in. Presumably, the reason for their demise was Man, or his ancestors.

The third line of evidence notes the rapidity with which we would take the same steps taken between the ice ages if we were confronted with a similar challenge. Investment for the future, including for the preservation of our civilization, would be drastically reduced in order to apply as much of our remaining resource base as possible to short-run consumption. Human nature is as undeviating as Hubble's constant.

The second explanation assumes a visit to this planet by beings from another world. These aliens undertook to assist the evolving humanoids on this planet by teaching them about fire, the wheel, and other basic technologies. The aliens are thought to have been on this planet for an evangelizing mission, and accordingly, brought their holy texts with them. It is uncertain whether the aliens taught our ancestors how to write. If they did, then the visit could have been as long as 100,000 years ago. We don't know whether the recently discovered fragments are in the hand of an earthling or of an alien, but they date to approximately 37,000 years ago. If they are of alien hand, then the visit would have to be dated to that time.

Evidence for the second hypothesis notes the unusually sophisticated nature of the text. They challenge proponents of the first hypothesis to explain how early humanoids could have produced such a text in the absence of any evidence of experimentation. No wire artifact has ever been found, and wire would be necessary for understanding the sections on electromagnetism at the very least. Evidence for an alien visit to earth has been reviewed elsewhere, and will not be repeated here.(1)

It is also possible that both explanations are in fact correct. The origin of the text may be extraterrestrial, and its arrival on earth may be dated to two ice ages ago. Let us assume that the aliens arrived prior to the ice age, did their evangelizing, and succeeded in transferring their text to the early humanoids. If we also assume that the aliens didn't like the cold, we can date their departure to the onset of the ice age. Our ancestors then had a text which became holy to them since it had been received from those ostensibly all-powerful beings who had appeared from the heavens and disappeared thereunto. With the aliens departed, and an ice age underway, preservation of this text in its original form gave way to the more pressing matter of survival.

Before turning to the reconstructed text itself, let it be noted that the restored text should put a definitive end to the dispute between religion and science. The fragments found in the two excavations make it abundantly clear that it was the editor(s) who misunderstood their text and the scientific truths it contained. Therefore, they simply got it wrong. Even with the gaps still remaining, when reconstructed, the text is in perfect accord with present scientific understanding, to within experimental error.

Herewith the text, as we have been able to reconstruct it using all available fragments and some judicious interpolation. Words that have survived into the present-day Bible appear in capitals. Chapter and verse numbering does not follow the traditional convention.


1. IN THE BEGINNING OF GOD'S CREATIVE WORK, THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH were compressed into a singularity. 2. NOW THE EARTH and all the rest of the universe WAS UNFORMED within the VOID and not even the rules of mathematics had been created. 3. And the Lord said, ``I think, therefore I am, yet I can conceive of not being. 4. Therefore, let there be the one and the zero.'' 5. Thus did the Lord create the integers and all the other numbers after their kind. 6. Then did He create addition and subtraction and all the other operations of arithmetic after their kind. 7. AND the Lord rejoiced in the perfection of mathematics, yet DARKNESS WAS still UPON THE FACE OF THE DEEP. 8. And the Lord said, ``I cannot imagine all existence remaining confined within a singularity.'' 9. So He created the point, the line, the plane, and the solid, and all the rules and constructs of plain and differential geometry, each after their kind. 10. AND THE SPIRIT OF GOD HOVERED just beyond the event horizon at the dawn of time. 11. And the Lord said, ``My universe is yet to be born and it will then be billions of years before there will be those to worship Me. 12. Therefore, I will create Kurtosis to be My companion.'' 13. And God granted to Kurtosis the power to join Him in creation. 14. But Kurtosis was askew from his very origin, a mean abnormal spirit. 15. And Kurtosis created statistics and all its rules and tricks, and declared that henceforth all creation would be his domain. 16. The Lord repented of the power He had given Kurtosis, but He could not go back on His word. 17. And the Lord said, ``My universe will be subject to the rules of Kurtosis, 18. but in its despair will be its strength, for there will arise OVER THE eternity of time improbable events that will shape the FACE OF THE future in accordance with My will.'' 19. Then the Lord surveyed His work and recognized that it was incomplete. 20. And He created the scalar, the vector, and the tensor to bind together the mathematics and the geometry. 21. The Lord looked again and all was in readiness for the dawn of time. 22. But as yet there was neither matter or force in all the universe.


1. And the Lord said, ``My universe shall be a four-space, represented by a space-time tensor of the second order.'' 2. Thus did He link space and time that both might flow as WATER forevermore. 3. AND GOD SAID, ``LET there be matter unto its properties and forces to bind the matter together according to their rules.'' 4. So He created the quarks and the leptons after their kind and gravity, electromagnetism, and the nuclear forces. 5. And to the photons He said, ``These four commandments shall you follow: 6. div E = 4\pi\rho_e. 7. div B = 4\pi\rho_m. 8. curl E = -(1/c)dB/dt - (4\pi/c)J_m. 9. curl B = (1/c)dE/dt + (4\pi/c)J_e. 10. But Kurtosis saw what He was doing and seized the magnetic monopole, hiding it so that none could find it. 11. The Lord was wroth with Kurtosis for what he had done and punished him, saying, 12. ``For this shall the photon be quantized and freed from your dominion. 13. But you have given Me great help, for now I perceive an easy way to a solution since there can be no currents in the void. 14. Thus I find lapacian E - (1/c)d2E/dt2 = 0. which I recognize to be the equation of a wave propagating at a speed `c.','' 15. AND thus THERE WAS LIGHT. 16. AND GOD SAW THE LIGHT, THAT IT WAS GOOD. 17. AND there was a giant explosion as GOD DIVIDED THE LIGHT FROM THE DARKNESS, and the quarks, leptons, and photons spewed forth from the singularity in uncountable numbers, each at its own speed. 18. AND GOD CALLED THE LIGHT `DAY,' AND THE DARKNESS HE CALLED `NIGHT.' 19. AND so THERE WAS EVENING AND THERE WAS MORNING for the first time. 20. And the Lord grew weary from this effort and He decided to call it A DAY.


1. AND GOD SAID, ``LET the quarks interact according to their properties and the rules imposed by Kurtosis, that THERE BE heavy particles.'' 2. And all the quarks in the FIRMAMENT were closely bound together IN THE MIDST OF THE universe for it had yet to expand even to the size of a drop of WATER. 3. Then did the quarks bind together, the Ups and the Downs, the Strange and the Charmed, the Tops and the Bottoms, to form all the family of the elementary particles. 4. AND as the first nanosecond passed, of all the particles, He LET only the proton and the neutron survive in significant numbers, these and their antiparticles. 5. And as the universe expanded, IT became possible to DIVIDE THE energy from the matter. 6. Then did the energy flow as WATER even as it radiated FROM THE matter which itself flowed as WATER. 7. AND as the universe cooled further, GOD MADE the protons and neutrons to interact to form the nuclei of hydrogen, deuterium, tritium, and helium. 8. And from THE FIRMAMENT He took the electrons that the nuclei might become the first atoms. 9. But Kurtosis did not allow them to remain evenly distributed, but created local fluctuations in density. 10. AND these fluctuations DIVIDED the atoms into great clumps which drew in upon themselves, in accordance with the force of gravity which the Lord had made. 11. And as the clumps condensed, the largest of them warmed to the fusion initiation temperature. 12. And thus were the lighter nuclei fused into heavier nuclei, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, even unto silicon. 13. And yet again were the clumps heated and thus were created the metals, even unto iron. 14. And unto the third generation came the metals to be further fused into the heaviest of nuclei, creating gold and lead, uranium and hahnium, even unto isolanium. 15. And as the heaviest nuclei decayed, they gave birth to all the family of the isotopes. 16. And when all the nuclei had been made, like THE WATERS, the electrons WHICH WERE concealed UNDER THE FIRMAMENT flowed back to the nuclei. 17. FROM their hiding places within THE clumps, like WATER, the electrons flowed to the nuclei WHICH WERE streaming ABOVE THE FIRMAMENT. 18. AND IT WAS SO that the nuclei became atoms, each according to its isotopes. 19. AND GOD CALLED THE FIRMAMENT `HEAVEN.' 20. AND THERE WAS EVENING AND THERE WAS MORNING, A SECOND DAY.


The fragments found at Tell Qwrwnh provide this order. When, why, and how the switch with Chapter V came about is unknown.

1. AND GOD SAID, ``LET the clumps form the stars that THERE BE LIGHTS IN THE FIRMAMENT OF THE HEAVEN.'' 2. And the clumps appeared TO DIVIDE from one another, into galaxies and into stars. 3. And among the stars were some that themselves held smaller clumps in orbit about them. 4. Thus did the Lord create the planets around the stars, each star the master of its own system. 5. And the light from the star heated the planet during THE DAY, while heat escaped FROM THE NIGHT side. 6. AND God said, ``LET THEM rotate even as they revolve, that there BE a way to measure the passage of time.'' 7. And FOR SIGNS He created the rotation AND the revolution of the planets, the movement around the stars FOR SEASONS, AND the rotations FOR DAYS. 8. AND thus the stars shall mark the YEARS in the age of the universe. 9. AND He LET THEM BE FOR LIGHTS IN THE FIRMAMENT OF THE HEAVEN TO GIVE LIGHT UPON THE EARTH. 10. AND IT WAS SO. 11. AND for the Earth, GOD MADE THE moon that there be TWO GREAT LIGHTS: THE sun, or GREATER LIGHT, TO illuminate the Earth and RULE THE DAY, AND THE LESSER LIGHT, the moon, TO RULE THE NIGHT. 12. AND to THE other STARS He also assigned a role in marking the passage of time. 13. AND GOD SET THEM all IN THE FIRMAMENT OF THE HEAVEN to the ends of the universe TO GIVE LIGHT UPON THE EARTH. 14. AND with the sun TO RULE OVER THE DAY AND with the moon TO RULE OVER THE NIGHT. 15. AND thus TO DIVIDE THE LIGHT FROM THE DARKNESS. 16. AND GOD SAW THAT IT WAS GOOD. 17. AND THERE WAS EVENING AND THERE WAS MORNING, A THIRD DAY.


1. AND GOD SAID, ``LET THE WATERS UNDER THE HEAVEN BE GATHERED TOGETHER UNTO ONE PLACE, AND LET THE DRY LAND APPEAR.'' 2. AND IT WAS SO that shallow seas developed even as tectonic action threw up mountains on the face of the Earth. 3. AND GOD CALLED THE DRY LAND EARTH, AND THE GATHERING TOGETHER OF THE WATERS CALLED HE SEAS; AND GOD SAW THAT IT WAS GOOD. 4. And winds began to blow upon the face of the Earth, causing the mountains to erode into rocks and the rocks into sand and the sand into simple crystals. 5. And God said, ``Let the crystals lie in patterns such that may replicate themselves.'' 6. And it came to pass that within these layers there came to be trapped occasional simple molecules. 7. And as the light poured down on the layers of clay, ammonia and methane was collected between them. 8. AND GOD SAID, ``LET THE ammonia and methane react in the light of the sun to form amino acids.'' 9. And the amino acids formed between the layers. 10. And the layers broke into pieces, each piece containing some of the amino acids. 11. And the Lord called these pieces ``cells,'' even as they began to act like living things. 12. And the Lord gave dominion over the cells to the nucleic acids charging them with preserving their own kind unto the end of time. 13. But Kurtosis recognized that a foe and competitor had been created for him. 14. And he caused the nucleic acids to deform in response to the forces acting upon the face of the EARTH. 15. And as the nucleic acids deformed, they collected into great spirals that controlled all within the cell. 16. And the cells began to differentiate, the one from the other, and thus gave rise to all the viruses, bacteria, and primitive algae after their kind. 17. And again these cells deformed and PUT FORTH the other algae, protozoans, and the amoeba. 18. And yet again did the cells deform and give rise to the Kingdom of the Fungi and the Kingdom of the Plants, including the mosses, ferns, GRASS, HERBS YIELDING SEED AND FRUIT TREES BEARING FRUIT AFTER ITS KIND, WHEREIN IS THE SEED THEREOF UPON THE face of the EARTH. 19. AND IT WAS SO. 20. AND THE EARTH BROUGHT FORTH all manner of living things, each after its kind. 21. Thus there appeared the GRASS, HERBS YIELDING SEED AFTER ITS KIND, AND TREES BEARING FRUIT, WHEREIN IS THE SEED containing the genetic code THEREOF, that it reproduce AFTER ITS KIND: AND GOD SAW THAT IT WAS GOOD. 22. AND THERE WAS EVENING AND THERE WAS MORNING, A FOURTH DAY.


1. AND GOD SAID, ``The Earth is now ready to receive the animals, beings that will draw their energy from eating other things. 2. Therefore LET THE Protists deform yet again and give rise to all manner of animal life.'' 3. And the Protists evolved into the sponges and into the primitive worms and into the many other creatures that make the WATERS SWARM WITH SWARMS OF LIVING CREATURES. 4. AND these evolved into the flatworms and the roundworms. 5. And the worms evolved into the annelids, the mollusks, and the arthropods. 6. And the arthropods gave rise to the crustaceans of the seas, the spiders, and the insects. 7. And also from the worms there evolved the first chordates within the seas, and these gave rise to the primitive fish. 8. And the primitive fish evolved into the true fish and into the lunged-fish. 9. And the lunged-fish were able to breathe the air above the seas and thus to walk upon the dry land. 10. And from the lunged-fish there evolved the amphibians after their kind. 11. And from the amphibians there evolved the reptiles after their kind. 12. And from the reptiles there evolved the mighty creatures that dominated the Earth. 13. These are the generations of the Animal Kingdom from phylum to phylum, to classes and orders and families. 14. And God said, ``LET the FOWL FLY ABOVE THE EARTH IN THE OPEN FIRMAMENT OF HEAVEN to the upper reaches of the stratosphere.'' 15. AND GOD CREATED THE GREAT SEA-MONSTERS, AND EVERY LIVING CREATURE THAT CREEPS, WHEREWITH THE WATERS SWARMED, AFTER ITS KIND, AND EVERY WINGED FOWL AFTER ITS KIND; AND GOD SAW THAT IT WAS GOOD. 16. AND GOD BLESSED THEM, SAYING, ``BE FRUITFUL, AND MULTIPLY, AND FILL THE WATERS IN THE SEAS AND LET FOWL MULTIPLY IN THE EARTH that your numbers will be large and your species not die out.'' 17. And the animals spread out to cover the Earth and fill every ecosystem. 18. AND THERE WAS EVENING AND THERE WAS MORNING, A FIFTH DAY.


1. AND GOD SAID, ``LET THE EARTH BRING FORTH THE mammals from among the amphibians.'' 2. And from the amphibians there evolved small LIVING CREATURES, covered with hair to keep them warm. 3. And the mammals came forth, each AFTER ITS KIND, from CATTLE to carnivores AND rodents, the CREEPING THINGS, to the mammals of the sea, AND BEASTS OF THE EARTH, each AFTER ITS KIND. 4. AND IT WAS SO. 5. AND GOD MADE THE BEASTS OF THE EARTH AFTER THEIR KIND, AND THE CATTLE AFTER THEIR KIND, AND EVERY THING THAT CREEPS UPON THE GROUND AFTER ITS KIND. 6. AND GOD SAW THAT IT WAS GOOD. 7. AND GOD SAID, ``Let the rodents evolve into primates, animals to which I will give dominion over all the others.'' 8. Then Kurtosis approached the Lord and said, ``LET US MAKE `MAN' IN OUR IMAGE. 9. A being capable of using information and possessing a developed brain that we may have companions in creation. 10. AFTER OUR LIKENESS will he have a sense of purpose and the ability to think and create. 11. AND LET HIM HAVE DOMINION OVER all Your other creations, the atom and the molecule, the Earth, the seas, and the sky; THE FISH OF THE SEA, AND OVER THE FOWL OF THE AIR, AND OVER THE CATTLE, AND OVER ALL THE EARTH, AND OVER EVERY CREEPING THING THAT CREEPS UPON THE EARTH. 12. AND I will teach him statistics that he may learn the secrets of creation.'' 13. But the Lord had learned not to trust Kurtosis for He knew that figures could be made to lie. 14. So GOD CREATED MAN IN HIS OWN IMAGE, able to think and understand, able to create and dominate the world. 15. And He cut Kurtosis out completely burdening Man with his formulae.(2) 16. Thus it was that IN THE IMAGE OF GOD CREATED HE HIM, of two sexes, MALE AND FEMALE CREATED HE THEM. 17. Of differing potentials and abilities He created them that they might learn to cooperate in the work of creation. 18. AND GOD BLESSED THEM; AND GOD SAID UNTO THEM: 19. ``BE FRUITFUL, AND MULTIPLY, AND FILL THE EARTH, AND by working together, you will learn to SUBDUE IT AND the heavens beyond. 20. I give you DOMINION OVER THE FISH OF THE SEA, AND OVER THE FOWL OF THE AIR, AND OVER EVERY LIVING THING THAT CREEPS UPON THE EARTH.'' 21. AND GOD SAID, ``BEHOLD, I HAVE GIVEN YOU EVERY HERB YIELDING SEED, WHICH IS UPON THE FACE OF ALL THE EARTH, AND EVERY TREE IN WHICH IS THE FRUIT OF A TREE YIELDING SEED- TO YOU IT SHALL BE FOR FOOD. 22. AND TO EVERY BEAST OF THE EARTH, AND TO EVERY FOWL OF THE AIR, AND TO EVERY THING THAT CREEPS UPON THE EARTH, WHEREIN THERE IS A LIVING SOUL, I HAVE GIVEN EVERY GREEN HERB FOR FOOD. 23. Henceforth, it shall be your task to create new things in the universe and to utilize all that I have put there. 24. I have done the work that is to be done by Me, from the first theorems of mathematics, through physics to chemistry and biology. 25. It is now up to you to provide further order to My universe.'' 26. AND IT WAS SO that biology gave rise to sociology and sociology begat politics, the ultimate science of Man. 27. AND GOD SAW EVERYTHING THAT HE HAD MADE, AND BEHOLD, IT WAS VERY GOOD. 28. AND THERE WAS EVENING AND THERE WAS MORNING, THE SIXTH and final DAY of God's creation.

There are many additional fragments that continue the text from this point, but we needn't go into them here. The general direction seems clear enough.

1. See Journal of Alien Visitations, #31, April, 1978, pp. 41-59, Ethnic Observation Studies (EOS), Vol. 26, #5, March, 1975, pp. 35-89, and Journal of Observational Pseudo-sciences, #79, pp. 23-84.

2. Guess who went to hide among the trees in the Garden!