Dear Herr Lundberg:

I have perused the latest issue of the venerable VooDoo, especially the Letters section, and have the following comments.

Do continue to fly the mottled flag and maintain the hoary tradition of Phosphorus, whatever is left of them.

Robert L. Rorschach '43

Robert, unfortunately, we've been unable to identify our role model, too. If you ever figure it out, let us know.

Honorable Sirs and Madams of VooDoo:

Please accept my humblest apologies for getting this contest entry to you two days after your deadline. I have been ``vacationing'' in a small town in Michigan called Cheboygan for the past two weeks. This town, despite its population of maybe 200 people, has eight carpet stores to carpet the floors of these 200 people, and one video/cassette/CD store to monopolize the market for these items (at inflated rates for the privilege of shopping there) for these 200 people. And, worst of all, there is but one sidewalk Dairy Queen to pander the sweet tooth of these 200 people. Needless to say, the author of this letter is in dire need of some of Boston's ``best ice cream.''

The author apologizes once again for this entry's late arrival, and beseeches the ``crack panel of humor experts'' to just give this a look. Thank you.


Russ Newman '96

Russ, although the VooDoo staff would never sink so low as to procrastinate until the last possible day to complete their submissions, we will let it go this one time. Your ice cream is in the mail (it was a real pain in the neck getting it into the envelope.) Turn to page 30 for the results of the freshman humor contest.

Dear VooDoo:

Thank you very much for sending me your letter and the copy of the latest VooDoo. It is more wonderful than I can tell you to hear from the latest VooDoo wildmen.

I enclose a copy of my first cartoon and a copy of the cover of the issue that it appeared in, the very first VooDoo. I thought I had it made when I actually had one of my drawings in VooDoo.

Very truly yours,

William B. Elmer '22

William, it is always good to hear from our alumni, and it is especially wonderful to hear from you, a founding member of VooDoo. And here's a reprint of that cartoon, 73 years later.


I have just finished reading the amazingly funny VooDoo's Rush Guide [published August 28], but I am left with one, increasingly nagging, question :

Where is page six?

With all due respect,

Pascal Chesnais.

It's after page five, you brain LACking SAP!