A Kinder, Gentler Editorial

by Jason Bucy

Howdy, all. My name is Jason Bucy, and I'm the new Editor in Chief of VooDoo, MIT's Journal of Humor. Hani Sallum will be the new Copy Editor and all around TeX expert-to-be. We've both enjoyed our experiences as contributors and staff members here at VooDoo, and look forward to editing such a great magazine.

A word about the look of VooDoo: Isn't it great? We use TeX so the text looks boring and plain, eternally in that damned Times font or something. Why assault our readers with irritating fonts and full-page Noam Chomsky ads like some publications? We figure if the letters and layout themselves are dull to the brink of paralysis, the humor will shine through all the brighter. Ah, that brings us to humor. Look, folks, we know that not everyone thinks everything in VooDoo is funny per se, and we do enjoy reading your hate mail, rambling harangues, and idiotic flames slamming another cartoonist's work when your own swill is itself pointless, trite, and thoroughly revealing of your elementary school education and how you ate crickets when you were ten. But I do promise that everything we print in VooDoo (excepting the ads, of course, now with even lower rates and high-resolution dipthongs) will at least attempt to be funny. That's the bottom line. Or the bottom of the barrel. Or whatever. I mean we do have standards. You all are so lucky we didn't print that Dave Jordan story about a towel boy being sodomized by his entire basketball team, but I digress. All I'm saying is: This is VooDoo. We know from funny.

The comics will continue to be fabulous. We also encourage you to submit your multi-media, interactive thingies. If we can flatten it and print it in black ink, AND IT TRIES TO BE FUNNY, we'll print the little bugger. I love you Media techno weenies. I really do.

Getting back to that ad situation, BUY THEM. Like, if you need to publicize a party or an activity, take out an ad! They're so cheap. We'll add color, half-tone, resize, even compose the little guys for a nominal extra fee. VooDoo ads are good. They generally don't occupy 93\% of the pages, con you into buying credit cards, or preach at you. ALSO UNLIKE THE TECH, VooDoo doesn't get thrown away after you use it to clean up your cat shit. No, no. VooDoo sits around, open on the bathroom stall floor, just waiting to be read by another student, faculty, or staff member. People will be reading your ad for weeks, trying to redeem coupons at your joint for years, and spending MILLIONS OF DOLLARS AT YOUR PLACE OF BUSINESS. Just imagine. Loose women. Ferraris. Your name on the Bio building. A commencement speaking gig.

So look forward to another great year of VooDoo, with big fat 56-page issues and graphic novels with lots of gratuitous sex and violence. Submit your work; we' ll make you a star.

Ignore the other editorial.