Kresge Oval VR

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Kresge Oval

Kresge Oval literally connects the mind, body, and spirit. It offers the tranquillity of the MIT Chapel and the activity of the Johnson Athletics Center and the du Pont Gymnasium, where you'll find squash courts, ice rink, shooting ranges, wrestling room, fencing rooms and more. The 1200-seat Kresge Auditorium is MIT's main stage for theater and music. Both the auditorium and the chapel were designed by renowned Finnish architect Eero Saarinen.

International Fair VR

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International Fair

We've got a world of student activities. You can explore the fine arts of photography, writing and design with the yearbook, Technique; venture out with the Caving Club for rappelling throughout New England; or indulge in improv comedy with Roadkill Buffet. (They have nothing to do with campus food.) Find your place and your passion - newfound or old - among the 300 recognized campus groups. Here, diverse social and ethnic groups gather in Kresge Oval for MIT's annual International Fair.

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