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Stratton Student Center

Right off Mass. Ave., the Student Center is open 24/7. Here you'll find numerous campus groups including the Shakespeare Ensemble and the student newspaper The Tech, published twice a week. To check out the latest in student art, trek on up to floor three. Or you can just collapse in one of the big chairs and mull over the latest class discussion in Religion and Science: Ideas of the World Order.

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Student Center Lobby

From banking and mail to travel, optical, and hairstyling services, the Student Center is the epicenter of life at MIT. There's great pizza at Lobdell Cafeteria and caffeine at the 24-Hour Coffeehouse. Toscanini's features Boston's best ice cream - keep in mind that what the world calls "milkshake," New Englanders call "frappe." You'll also find a branch of the Coop, where you can get textbooks and insignia t-shirts, as well as the Source, a student-staffed information booth that sells tickets and movie passes.

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The 24-Hour Coffeehouse

Who knows what breakthroughs in human thinking can be credited to the bazorg, the 24-Hour Coffeehouse's 20-ounce answer to rocket fuel. Coffee - or another rejuvenatory liquid of choice - is key in the middle of those problem sets in applied nuclear physics. Located on the third floor of the Student Center, the coffeehouse is steps away from an Athena cluster that never closes.

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