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Lecture Halls

Do freshmen have large lecture classes? Yes. Are professors then a figment of students' imaginations? No. Courses are structured so that smaller groups called recitations meet under the tutelage of professors and graduate students. We won't kid you: the classes are tough. But if you can get in, you can do it, and we help you along the way. First year is pass/no record at MIT, and as you move through your Course - what universities elsewhere on the planet call "major" - classes get smaller.

Professor Kemp Movie

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At MIT you take classes with the people who revolutionize how we think and how we learn. Each year Professor Daniel Kemp inspires students in Introduction to Organic Chemistry. A recipient of the MacVicar Teaching Award, Kemp wrote the textbook used in organic chem courses across the nation. Professors here love to teach, and that means they'll push you to learn.

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