Steer Roast VR

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Steer Roast

Rumor has it that MIT's president leaves town for Steer Roast weekend. (Key detail: the president's house abuts the Steer Roast courtyard.) But a host of alumni/ae return for the annual barbecue and party, with great music (bands like Nirvana, before they were famous), great food (herbivore and carnivore) and good times for all. Kicking it off is Friday's ceremonial lighting of the fire, using a flaming roll of toilet paper.

Swing movie

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Tire Swing

We think swinging back and forth aimlessly is great. Maybe your mind is wandering over the morning's lecture in Ancient Japan and the Courtly Society. Or maybe you're taking a break from Aerodynamics of Viscous Fluids. Whatever the case, many student residences have a patch o' green, so you can sit outside and contemplate life in all its detail.

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