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Election administrators face many challenges planning for and running elections. This website offers tools based on the expertise of election administrators, business managers, and social science researchers that can help election administrators plan and conduct elections.

New: Video tutorials are now available for VTP Calculators


Established by Caltech President David Baltimore and MIT President Charles Vest in December 2000 to prevent a recurrence of the problems that threatened the 2000 U.S. Presidential Election. Since establishment, members of the VTP have studied all aspects of the election process, both in the United States and abroad. VTP faculty, research affiliates, and students have written many working papers, published scores of academic articles and books, and worked on a great array of specific projects.


Our goal is to demonstrate what is possible with such tools. The Election Management Toolkit is an open access place where technologies can be shared and improved. We launch this site with three key tools developed. We encourage you to use these tools and give us (and the developers) feedback on them.


Line Optimization and Poll Worker Management

Developer: Stephen Graves and Rong Yuan

This tool uses queueing theory to calculate the minimal number of service stations at a process step in a polling place so as to satisfy a service target on maximum waiting times.

Poll Worker and Machine Optimization

Developer: Aaron Strauss

An easy-to-use calculator that takes basic information about a precinct and reports the number of check-in poll books and voting machines needed to keep lines short during a presidential election

Line Optimization

Developer: Mark Pelczarski

This simulation gives an idea of potential voter wait times for if you have estimates of projected turnout, average time to vote with your ballot and equipment, and average time required to check-in each voter.

Online Voter Registration

Online Voter Registration Tools

Developer: Rock the Vote

Online registration tools for jurisdictions that have not yet moved to online registration.

Platform for Designated Partners

Developer: Rock the Vote

Technology concept for states that have or will be implementing online voter registration, allowing them to receive registration applications electronically from designated partners.

Open Source Voter Registration Software

Developer: Rock the Vote and the TrustTheVote Project

A complete, proven technology solution for states considering a new online registration system.

Mapping and Information Tools

Congressional Districts

Congressional Districts

U.S. Counties

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