Learning & Memory: In the News


8/20/98: "Scientists Find Brain's Remembering Mechanism", CNN

8/21/98: "Remember This", Los Angeles Times

8/21/98: "Scientists Use Magnetic Scans to Tap into Brain's Memory Banks", San Francisco Chronicle

9/24/98: "Brain Scans Show How Memories are Formed", Harvard Gazette

10/1/98: "Watching the Mind at Work", Los Angeles Times

4/6/01: "Here and Now" (NPR) review of Memento

2/16/02: "How Memories are Formed", BBC World Service

2/27/02: "Using Brain Imaging, Researcher 'Sees' New Memories Form", Tech Talk

2/12/03: "Building Memories Uses Two Parts of the Brain", Tech Talk

2/12/03: "Study Probes Memory's Mechanics", The Crimson

In Related News:

11/10/01: "Brain May Forge Some Memories in Waves", Science News

2/5/03: "Breakthrough may shed light on Alzheimer's", Daily Californian