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AAUDE Faculty Salary

Faculty salary by CIP, department, institution, faculty rank, appointment type and academic year. Faculty salary data in the Data Warehouse goes back to academic year 1994-1995.

This page lists all the tables for the AAUDE Faculty Salary Star/Table Group.
Clicking on a table name will display the fields found in that table.

Table Name Description Type Last Load Date
AAUDE_FACSAL_DEPARTMENT Contains information about the departments and schools of an institution. This is a dimension table used with the AAUDE Faculty Salary fact table. Dimension 17-JAN-2017
AAUDE_FACSAL_RANK Contains the various different academic ranks of faculty (e.g. Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor). This is a dimension table for the AAUDE Faculty Salary fact table. Dimension 10-FEB-2015
AAUDE_FACULTY_SALARY_DETAIL The fact table for AAUDE Faculty Salary Survey. This table contains data that allow comparisons of high, low, and average faculty salaries by academic rank and appointment length within CIP-defined academic departments or diciplines. Additionally, the total faculty and new hire faculty average salary, and average faculty age are reported for each academic and appointment. Fact 17-JAN-2017
ACADEMIC_YEAR Contains information about academic years. Dimension 01-JAN-2017
CIP Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP). The table contains all CIP codes used in AAUDE exchange items. Dimension 17-JAN-2017
INSTITUTION This table contains information about an institution which includes: name, AAUDE institution code, AAUDE Unit ID, Public/Private/System, FICE code, city, and state, and the academic year conversion factor of the institution. Dimension 29-MAR-2016

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