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Instructions for downloading & processing reports

From the list of reports, find the one you want to download. Click on the [Download] button underneath the report name to download the report.

Reports with the symbol (standard reports) have been tested by a group of central and departmental users who have checked that the numbers in the report reliably tie out to SAP.

Reports without a symbol (user reports) have been reviewed by the Data Warehouse team and approved for posting on the web, but have not been through a formal testing process.


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Financial Aid

Information about student financial aid.




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Average Loan Debt


The total and average loan debt of a student graduating from MIT by term. This query contains two reports. The first report shows the total amount and the average amount of loans by degree within a department. The second shows the total loan amount for each student by degree within a department.


Student Award Report


Report showing undergraduate and graduate student award information. There are two report tabs, one by fund type (federal, etc.) and one is by individual student. Limit criteria are year, Y/N registered, and department.


Student Budget Report


Report showing the itemized costs for students attending MIT, for example: books, tuition, board, room.