More ice photos


(a) Ice-rich (or not?) lobate debris apron surrounding a massif at 40.60 S and 103.01 E, in the Promethei Terra region on Mars, very close to Reull Vallis (b) ice cylinder in indium jacket, capped above by force gage, shortened by about 15% (c) comparative strength measurement of two kinds of ice, the one on top (with 3% dust) slightly stronger than pure material (d) SEM images of ice I decorated grain boundaries in fine-grained ice II (e) grad student Lenferink guides the cryostat (f) how we make indium jackets part I, all the parts (g) high-pressure generator for ice creeper, capable of reaching 15 GPa gas pressure (h) Durham and Goldsby working over the rig (i) how we make indium jackets part II, the piston (j) pressure vessel with closure nut inside the cryostat (k) creep rig bottom end parts.