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Last updated: 9/4/02

Welcome to the weather locker!

This locker serves as a depository for all sorts of useful weather
data, graphics, and information.  If you can think of anything
weather-related that you'd like to see added here, please send some
email to

The locker is currently structured as follows:

  Directory		Contents
  ---------		--------
  RADAR/		Last 72 hours of New England radar
  NEXRAD/		Last 72 hours of Boston NexRad images
  SATELLITE/infrared/   Last 72 hours of U.S. infrared satellite images
  SATELLITE/visible/	Last 72 hours of U.S. visible satellite images
  MISCIMAGES/           Miscellaneous images
  INFO/			Various informative text files and FAQs
  bin/			Executable programs
  man/			Manual pages for installed programs

A separate README file resides in each image directory, giving
brief descriptions of the images therein.  Also, the following
links make it easy to view the latest image in each series:


Please note that these images described above can really only be viewed
on grayscale or color displays.  Too much information is lost when you
try to view them on a monochrome display.  (This was more pertinent back
when [Project] Athena used monochrome displays!)

The bin directories currently contain the following programs, which should
already be in your path if you've issued an "add weather" command:

   weather  - A text-based version of xweather.  This program can be
              used to obtain weather data for any given city from
              the unix prompt.  The man page for this command lists
              options which make it Zephyr-friendly, too.

   animate -  A tool for viewing "loops" of the images described above.
              This is a CPU- and memory-intensive program when used to show
              a long series of GIFs, but it's worth it!

Thanks to the following people for helping me by making various contributions
to the weather locker:
    Laura Baldwin     (
    Carla Fermann     (
    Richard Barbalace (
    Erik Wile         (


Eric McDonald. <>

This is experimental software.  Please send any suggestions, comments
or bug reports to