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About Us

The WGSSI Mission

Established in 1975, the MIT Working Group on Support Staff Issues (WGSSI) consists of Support and Administrative Staff throughout the Institute who work to address issues of concern to support staff employees at MIT. We act to continually improve the working environment and perception of Support Staff at MIT. We do this by:
  • identifying issues that concern Support Staff
  • forming groups on these issues that conduct research
  • recommending actions to the appropriate parties
  • communicating results to Support Staff
  • providing networking opportunities for Support Staff and
  • sponsoring events
All MIT/Lincoln Lab Support and Administrative staff interested in Support Staff issues are welcome to become members of the WG.


Currently, there are eight subcommittees each actively supporting the mission of the WG while creating unique identities of their own.

  • Membership: the gateway to WGSSI; holding the way open for support staff to voice their concerns, and providing a support staff appreciation luncheon
  • ListServe: forwarding communication to and between support staff
  • Artists Beyond the Desk: advocating and producing venues for staff creative expression
  • Working Green: promoting eco-friendly behavior throughout the Institute
  • Professional Development Resources: helping support staff achieve performance excellence in the workplace and advocating for resources to assist MIT employees especially for work-related projects
  • Archiving the History: ensuring the continuity of the committee's activites through record keeping in the Instutite's archives
  • Craft Fair: reach out to the MIT Community crafters including student groups, sot hat they ahve a venue to sell their crafts in late Fall and Spring, in order to reaise funds for the WG to use for outreach
  • PPP:Pumping,Parental Leave and Pre-school will revist MIT's policies on maternity leave, pumping, and childecare costs/availability in hopes of improving some of the benefits for support staff

Subcommittees are created to provide a service to the MIT community and/or Working Group members and provide a voice to support staff as well. The MIT community benefits from the support staff members who have dedicated themselves to committees such as Artists Beyond the Desk and the Working Green committee while WG members and support staff are served by the Membership Committee and the the people who maintain Support Staff lists through List Management.

Task Groups are established as issues arise. Once an issue of concern is identified by members of the WG, interested parties develop a proposal for a new task group. This proposal includes the following components: why the task group is needed (Purpose); what the task group would like to accomplish (Mission); a projected end product (Goals); how they will carry out their task (Timeline)? This proposal for a new task group is then presented to the entire WG for discussion, with a significant effort to determine whether or not there is enough interest to warrant establishing the new task group. If the WG decides that a new task group should be convened, co-chairs are designated and they begin work immediately.


Two co-conveners (1 senior, 1 junior) nominated by WGSSI members guide the WG and its task groups and committees throughout the academic year. The co-conveners serve as liaisons between WGSSI and MIT's Human Resource Department which oversees all committee organizations operating under the approval of the Institute, and each sits on an additional MIT committee: the senior co-convenor attends the Information Group meetings and the junior co-convener attends the Women's Advisory Group meetings. The co-conveners serve overlapping two-year terms. To contact them via email write to wgcc (at)

In addition to the co-convenors are WGSSI co-chairs who coordinate the activities within the committees and task groups. Co-chairs meet monthly to support the overall work of the WGSSI and to assist in the planning of activities and initiatives taken up by the committees and task groups.


WGSSI is sponsored by Alison Alden, Vice President for Human Resources at MIT. Throughout the year, HR gives presentations to the WG on topics related to the work life of all support staff employees.

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