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Membership to the WG involves a commitment through attendance and participation. We ask that each member be present at the full Working Group meetings which are held once a month during the academic year--missing no more than three. Additionally, participation on one of the task groups or committees is expected. These groups meet as needed and participation levels vary. Non-participation, non-communication and/or non-attendance are grounds for membership expiration.


Becoming a member of the WG has several advantages which include recognition and further involvement within the MIT community.

  • Appointment by MIT President, with acknowledgement letter sent to member's supervisor
  • Opportunities to effect change: to voice concerns and issues and offer solutions
  • Opportunities to further develop skills and test new areas
  • Build one's knowledge of Institute policies and practices
  • MIT Resource personnel available to WG members
  • Networking opportunities that range from Facilities to the President's Office
  • Fellowship and a sense of community

Current Members

The Working Group is composed of MIT support staff and administrative staff from many different departments. Our goal is to have at least one representative from each department, so if you do not see yours represented below please contact us. You should also feel free to speak with current members to answer specific questions. Also feel free to come to one of our meetings to gather further information.

Marisol Diaz   Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Gayle Sherman   MIT Sea Grant College Program
Members Sub---committee/s Department
Alleyne, Valerie Membership Controller's Accounting Office
Atwell, Danielle Pump,ParentalLeave/Preschool Masdar Institute Program
Aufiero, Elaine Professional Development Resources Information Services and Technology
Barr, Michelle Artists Beyond the Desk Lemelson-MIT Program
Bourgeois, Catherine M. Working Green & Membership Research Laboratory of Electronics
Boyce, Nancy Artists Beyond the Desk Department of Physics
Braun, Juliette Professional Development Resources Department of Mechanical Engineering
Bruce, Marcela Working Green Human Resources - Benefits
Chapman, Sally Professional Development Resources Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Clark, Carol Archiving the History Medical Department
Clinton, Suzette Membership Picower Center for Learning and Memory
Curtin, Mary Working Green Office of Educational Innovation and Technology
Dashnaw, Joel Working Green Department of Chemical Engineering
Davis, Lena Commuting Department of Facilities
Deveau, Anne Professional Development Resources History, Theory & Criticism of Architecture & Art Program
Diaz, Marisol Archiving the History Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Dorneus, Gracie Artists Beyond the Desk Chemical Engineering & MS
Eggleston, Jim Artists Beyond the Desk MIT Libraries
Entzminger, Shirley Artists Beyond the Desk Department of Mathematics
Estabrooks, Alicja Working Green DSL Administration Department
Evensen, Ruth TBD MIT Medical Department
Finnin, Andrea M. Working Green Security and Emergency Management Office
Frederick, Carol L. Commuting MIT Libraries
Fucillo, Donna L. IS&T Advisory Group Facilities
Garraway, Angela Membership Department of Facilities
Garrett, Lakitha Membership Human Resources
Green, Sarah Membership Student Outreach and Support
Hankins, Joseph Artists Beyond the Desk MIT Libraries
Hardin, Raymond Working Green Department of Mechanical Engineering
Hoag, Blossom Working Green retired
Hogarth, David List Serve Information Systems, retired
Holmstrom, Tammy Professional Development Resources Sloan School of Management
Howell, Theresa Membership Committee HR Disability Services
Hursh, Catherine Professional Development Resources DSL (Student Activities) Department
Isaac, Shelly Membership Undergraduate Advising and Academic
Jacobs, Judith Membership Campus Planning & Design department
Jones, Jessica Co-chair Professional Development Resources Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program
Kinsella, Colleen Membership Microsystems Technology Laboratories
Klein, Beth Professional Development Resources McGovern Institute for Brain Research
Lang, Nico Professional Development Resources Biology Department
Leonard, Judith Artists Beyond the Desk Information Services and Technology
Levitsky, Ruth Professional Development Economics
Lindberg, Kate Artists Beyond the Desk Information Services & Technology
Lindley, Julie Working Green Human Resources
Louis, Cornel Membership Committee Accounts Payable
Lyons, Nancy TBD Department of Chemistry
Marchocki, Jeanette Professional Development Resources Civil & Environmental Engineering Department
Martin, Alison Professional Development Resources Chemical Engineering
Miao, Li Professional Development Resources Department of Chemistry
Miller, Michelle Working Green Libraries
McHugh, Joanne Archiving the History Sea Grant College Program
Parkin, Olga Archiving the History; List Serve Biological Engineering
Plaisimond, Charles Craft Fair Task Group. CSAIL: Computer Science and artificial intelligence laboratory
Pope, Anna Professional Development Resources Information Services & Technology
Queen, Zina Membership Spectroscopy Laboratory
Ray, Helen Artists Beyond the Desk / Working Green Political Science Department
Reemsnyder, Lauren Artists Beyond the Desk Office of Faculty Support
Reynolds, Joanne Membership VPF Financial Operations Department
Runyon, Eliana Professional Development Resources Sloan School of Managment
Runyon, John Professional Development Resources Sloan School of Managment
Sager, Alison Professional Development Resources MITEI
Santander, Georgia List Maintenance Office of Foundation Relations
Scott, Wendy Professional Development Resources Chemistry Department
Semerjian, Karen Artists Beyond the Desk Department of Facilities
Sherman, Gayle List Serve Sea Grant College Program
Simonelli, Dawn Craft Fair Department of Facilities
Smith, Barbara Membership Department of Mechanical Engineering
Smith, Ramika Craft Fair Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
St. Clair, Richard Artists beyond the desk Department of Nuclear Science & Engineering
Sullivan, Margaret (Maggie) Professional Development Resources Department of Mechanical Engineering
Tench-Mora, Marcia Membership Plasma, Science & Fusion Center
Tivnan, Andrew Membership Property Office
Urcuioli, Bettina Archiving the History Urban Studies and Planning
Weaver, Candance Professional Development Resources Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology
White-Frager, April Membership Information Services and Technology
Zhang, Weijia Artists Beyond the Desk Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research
Resource Persons
Alden, Alison (sponsor)   Human Resources
Davis, Ruth   Facilities
Gerzon, Jeannette   Human Resources
Gray, Margaret Ann   Human Resources
Johnson, Alyce   Human Resources
Robinson, Toni   Ombuds Office
Rowe, Mary   Ombuds Office
Stein, Judith   Human Resources

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