The Minor in Women's & Gender Studies is designed for students who, in addition to the focus of their major program of study, are seeking a fuller understanding of the ways in which gender and other constructs have shaped our understanding of ourselves and of the communities and world in which we live.

The minor program consists of at least 6 women's & gender studies classes, many of which are cross-listed, arranged into three levels of study:

Tier I

Required: WGS.101 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies (offered annually) [HASS-D, category 4, CI]

Tier II

Four subjects, at least one "Humanities and the Arts" class and at least one "Social and Natural Sciences" class. [One of these four classes may be taken at Harvard, Wellesley or Cambridge with the permission of the Director.]

Tier III

Required: Advanced Seminar in Women's and Gender Studies: WGS.301J/17.007J Feminist Political Thought (offered annually)

Students who minor in Women's & Gender Studies do not have to complete a separate concentration, but must still fill out concentration proposal and completion forms. The concentration should be selected before the third year.

Of the six classes required for the HASS minor, at most five will count toward satisfaction of the eight-subject Institute HASS Requirement. Of these five, at most one will count toward the satisfaction of the HASS-Distribution Requirement.

Students interested in a minor in Women's & Gender Studies should consult with the Women's & Gender Studies Coordinator (, and then arrange a meeting with the current Director.