Word Remixer

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Full, annotated source:

w=[]; // Word List: contains words the program seeks to remix, populated programmatically.
[i=>(w.push(i),i), // Put: Utility function to put an item into the word list
x=>w[w.length*Math.random()|0] // Pick: Utility function to select a random item from the word list
].map(t=>(r=n=>[...n.childNodes].map(c=>c[v="nodeValue"]=(c[v]||r(c)&&"") // Goes through every piece of text contained in the HTML document
.replace(/\s(an?\s+\w+|\w+(ing|ed|ion|s))(?!\w)/g,t)))(document.body)) // Finds all words of interest, accumulates them into the word list using Put, then replaces the word with a randomly selected other word using Pick.