My Projects


ClassiFi webpage screenshot

Student participation and attendance are key goals for quality instruction at universities. Professors and instructors, alike, consistently seek to enhance the classroom experience and alter teaching methods to suit their students. To do so, they need metrics that inform them about student engagement. ClassiFi uses MIT WiFi data from across campus, collected by the MIT Big Data Initiative, to correlate student attendance for different courses during the course of the semester. ClassiFi is born out of a group project done at Hackmit 2014; additional team members include: Everado Rosales, Amanda Liu, and Pranam Chatterjee.


DeskDash webpage screenshot

MIT dorm desk workers find current desk system software unstreamlined carrying out tasks: they are overwhelmed by number of programs to carry out desk tasks, limited by a single computer at desk in which all their programs are installed on, and have a hard time keeping track of changes made by different workers. DeskDash is a web application that is aimed to solve all of the above issues. Iterative design process was used to in the building of this website and included 3 rounds of interviewing, modification, and user testing. DeskDash is born out of a group project from 6.813 (User Interface); additional team members include: Alex Huang and Phillip Ai.

StoryTime Genie

StoryTime Genie logo

Children and parents alike cherish time spent reading stories to one another, but parents are frequently limited in the time and availability they have for this activity. Storytime Genie, a voice technology system implemented via Angel, allows parents to call in and record their children’s favorite stories at their convenience. Then, children are free to call in to the system and playback recordings of various stories. Additionally, Storytime Genie features a public bank of stories accessible by all children in addition to private story banks that parents can record specically for their children. Additional team members include: Lucia Liu and Nalini Singh.