Name Degree/Year Thesis Title
Vasileios Dendroulakis Ph.D. Chem. Eng. 2013 A Kinetic Approach for the Estimation of Intracellular Concentrations of Nitrosative Species in Cells Challenged by Nitric Oxide
Brian Skinn Ph.D. Chem. Eng. 2011 Nitrogen Oxide Delivery Systems for Biological Media
ChangHoon Lim Ph.D. Chem. Eng. 2011 Prediction of Concentrations of Reactive Nitrogen Species in Aqueous Solutions and Cells
Melanie Chin Ph.D. Chem. Eng. 2010 Prediction of Nitric Oxide Concentrations During Inflammation and Carcinogenesis
Gaurav Bhalla Ph.D. Chem. Eng. 2009 Osmotic Reflection Coefficient
Panadda Dechadilok Ph.D. Applied Math., Harvard University, 2009 Electrokinetic Effects in Hindered Transport
Kristin Mattern Ph.D. Chem. Eng. 2008 Permeability Studies in Biomimetic Glycosaminoglycan-Hydrogel Membranes
Kimberly Bryan Kosto Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 2004 Hindered Transport in Composite Hydrogels
Nitesh Nalwaya Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 2004 Diffusion and Reactions of Nitric Oxide, Oxygen, and Superoxide in Cells and Culture Media
Chen Wang Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 2003 Controlled Delivery of Nitric Oxide for Cytotoxicity Studies
Matthew J. Lazzara Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 2003 Effects of Proteins on the Sieving of Macromolecular Tracers in the Mammalian Kidney
Bo Chen Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 2001 Diffusion and Reaction of Nitric Oxide in Cell Cultures
Jeffrey A. White Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 2001 Equilibriuim Partitioning and Covalent Binding of Flexible Polymers in Gels
Stephanie S. Homer M.S. Chem.Eng. 2000 Mathematical Modeling of Intracellular Diffusion and Reaction of Nitric Oxide, Superoxide, and Peroxynitrite
Scott T. Johnston Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1999 Convective Transport of Macromolecules in Gels
Glen R. Bolton Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1998 Permeation of Ficoll and Ficoll Sulfate through Glomerular Basement Membrane: Effects of Molecular Size and Charge
Aurelie Edwards Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1996 Filtration of Macromolecules by Renal Glomerular Capillaries
Erin M. Johnson Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1995 Partitioning and Diffusion of Macromolecules in Charged Gels
Randy S. Lewis Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1995 Nitric Oixde Kinetics in Biological Systems
M. Claudia F. Drumond de Sousa Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1994 Ultrafiltration in Renal Glomerular Capillaries: Theoretical Effects of Ultrastructure
Nikola M. Juhasz Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1992 Mass Transfer at Heterogeneous Surfaces
Jennifer L. Smith Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1992 Pharmacokinetics of Methylamines
James D. Oliver III Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1992 Analysis of Glomerular Permselectivity in the Rat Using Theoretical Models of Hindered Transport
Nelson P. Lin Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1991 Hindered Diffusion of Linear Polyelectrolytes
Ronald J. Phillips Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1989 Multi-sphere Hydrodynamic Models of Suspension and Porous Media
Marc G. Davidson Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1988 The Effects of Molecular Configuration on the Hindered Transport of Macromolecules in Microporous Membranes
William R. Licht Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1987 Modeling and Kinetics of Gastric Nitrosation
Lawrence J. Atherton Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1985 Transport and Reaction of CO2 in the Kidney
Brent D. Mitchell Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1984 Effects of Macromolecule Concentration and Charge of Membrane Rejection Coefficients
Charles R. Bridges, Jr. Sc.D. Biomed.Eng. 1984 Mechanisms of Clinical and Experimental Proteinuria: Analysis Using Theoretical Models of Macromolecular Transport
Edward C. Hume, III Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1983 Boundary Element and Finite Element Methods for Moving Boundary Electrochemical Problems
Dale S. Schultz Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1983 Pharmacokinetic Modeling of Nitrate, Nitrite and N-Nitroso Compounds
Donald M. Glass S.M. Chem.Eng. 1983 Electrostatic Effects on the Restricted Diffusion of Serum Albumin
Howard Bernstein S.M. Chem.Eng. 1982 Models of Urinary Acidification
Thomas L. Pallone S.M. Mech.Eng. 1982 Participation of the Vasa Recta in the Renal Medullary Concentrating Mechanism: A Steady State Model
Frank G. Smith, III Sc.D. Chem.Eng. 1981 Electrostatic Effects on the Restricted Diffusion of Macromolecules
Behrooz Satvat Sc.D. Chem.Eng. 1980 Restricted Transport of Charged Macromolecules across Capillaries in the Kidney
Christine E. Vogdes S.M. Chem.Eng. 1979 Preparation and Characterization of Ficoll Sulfate, a Sulfated Synthetic Polysaccharide, for use in Transport Studies
Kenneth W-H. Wang S.M. Chem.Eng. 1979 Renal Regulation of Acid-base Balance
Peter F. Levy S.M. Chem.Eng. 1979 Assay for Methotrexate with Simultaneous Detection of Citrovorum Factor and Vincristine
Nathaniel B. Epstein S.M. Chem.Eng. 1979 Hindered Transport through Porous Membranes
Michael P. Bohrer Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1979 Transport of Macromolecules across the Glomerular Capillary Wall
James M. Jamieson S.M. Chem.Eng. 1978 Electrophoretic Mobilities of Dextran Sulfate
John W. Viets S.M. Chem.Eng. 1977 Serum Protein Determinations of Nanoliter Samples

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