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MITes, short for MIT Environmental sensors, are wireless sensors for data collection in natural environments. We have made MITes of different flavors. A brief overview of MITes can be found in this paper, which we kindly ask you to cite if you use the MITes:

E. Munguia Tapia, S. S. Intille, L. Lopez, and K. Larson, "The design of a portable kit of wireless sensors for naturalistic data collection," in Proceedings of PERVASIVE 2006. Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 2006. [Abstract] [PDF]

Mobile MITes are MITes that transmit real-time 3-axis accelerometer data to a MITes receiver. They are useful for studies on real-time physical activity recognition, and they are the motivation for Wockets. For information on design and use of Mobile MITes, the predecessors to Wockets, read on. For information on other types of MITes, see the MITes pages.

Mobile MITes are optimized for ease of use, affordability, and robustness to environmental conditions. Once very nice property of MITes is that multiple wireless MITes transmitters can be used with a single receiver. It is also relatively easy to use multiple receivers with multiple MITes, if a very high sampling rate is desired. All the specs for MITes and source code that can read data from MITes is available here, for free.

Want to use Mobile MITes? Here's the information that you need. Please read it all carefully!

Please remember ... the MIT House_n research group that originally developed MITes generally does not have resources to provide technical support for making and using MITes. We are now focused on creating the next generation of MITes, the Wockets -- an open source effort. Please visit the Wockets home page to learn more and help out!
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