2001 New England Regionals

2001 New England Regionals Results

Subject: Re: New England Regionals Results
Date: Sun, 06 May 2001 23:13:58 GMT
From: Neva Cherniavsky
Organization: Tufts University
Newsgroups: rec.sport.disc

Women's New England Regionals was a 14-team double elimination because Smith bagged at the last minute (and again, my apologies to Brown for not letting them know as soon as I found out - my only excuse is that I was busy planning the tourney, but I still should have emailed).

Teams going to Nationals are Brown, Tufts, and MIT, in that order.

Winner's bracket finals between Brown and Tufts were played at 10 am this morning. Brown beat Tufts 15-4. Brown played a great game and they were very spirited. Tufts played Regionals almost entirely without Johanna Neumann, including the finals against Brown. Jo is out with a stress fracture in her shin but she will be recovered and playing by Nationals.

Middlebury beat Williams 15-2 and MIT beat Yale 15-6 to set up the game to go with Middlebury vs. MIT. The teams traded points most of the game. Susan on Middlebury is a superstar. She's amazing on both offense and defense and she's also happens to be a very nice person. She has a nice backhand huck and she can break a mark like nobody's business. She and Maggie ran a give-and-go a lot - Maggie's really good at pulling stuff down out of the air.

On MIT, standouts include Nancy, who is a freshman and a really solid handler; Pei, another good handler; and the girl with the bleached blond hair who is a dangerous deep. MIT as a whole is a solid team and deeper than Middlebury. They are fast and aggressive and they know how to use their bodies. The score was 13-13 and in the end MIT pulled it out to win, 15-13.

Other high points of the weekend: Tufts had a great game against UVM. I thought Vermont had a good chance at Nationals but toward the end of the Tufts game one of their star players, Shannon (tall, good handler) went down with quite possibly a broken ankle. I didn't see their next game but I'm sure that the loss of Shannon had a lot to do with their defeat. Jillian on UVM is quite possibly the best defensive player I've ever had the pleasure of marking up against.

The observers were great. They kept the games moving (only 3 games capped all weekend, even with games to 15). There weren't too many disputes to settle, as all teams were spirited. I think it was pretty rare for a player to take a call to an observer - mostly it was just "foul - contest" and the teams would play on.

One observer marked down Molly Barton from Wesleyan as having especially good spirit (there's a space for it on the observer score card). Unfortunately, Wesleyan had to forfeit on Saturday because one of their players left, leaving them with less than seven.

Scores Saturday:

Round 1:
UVM over Wellesley 15-4
Yale over Brown-B 15-2
Middlebury over Wellesley-B 15-2
Harvard over Dartmouth 15-5
Williams over Wesleyan 15-4
MIT over Williams-B 15-1

Round 2:
Tufts over UVM 15-11
Middlebury over Yale 15-4
Brown over Harvard 15-1
MIT over Williams 15-7
Brown-B over Wellesley-B 11-5
Wesleyan over Williams-B 13-4

Round 3:
Harvard over Wellesley 10-7
Williams over Brown-B 15-2
UVM over Dartmouth 15-7

Round 4:
Tufts over Middlebury 15-11
Brown over MIT 15-5
Williams over Harvard 15-5
Yale over UVM 15-4

Brown over Tufts 15-4
Brown wins 1 seed to Nationals.
Middlebury over Williams 15-2
MIT over Yale 15-6

MIT over Middlebury 15-13

MIT forfeits to Tufts to take the 3 seed to Nationals.

So from the New England region:
1. Brown
2. Tufts
3. MIT

Thanks to everyone for a great tournament, especially to observers for voluteering, Shana Cook for all her help in organizing observers, and Kristin Rising for being my Yale contact - couldn't have done it without you guys.

- Neva Cherniavsky