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MIT Women's League

For years, the Women's League has proudly underwritten awards and scholarships in the MIT community.

The awards and fellowships honor former MIT First Ladies and Honorary League Chairs. The two Laya Wiesner Awards, announced at the Institute's annual Awards Convocation in May, are administered through MIT's Awards Committee. The Public Service Center administers the Elizabeth W. Johnson and Rebecca M. Vest fellowships.

The Women's League Scholarships, which support from one to three women undergraduates, are administered through Student Financial Services. They are funded by a longstanding League endowment that increases annually through the profits of the MIT Student Furniture Exchange.

To nominate an individual for an award or fellowship, follow the individual instructions in each award description, or send a nomination by mail or email at any time to the League's office, and it will be forwarded to the administrative committees at the proper time.

Donations may be made to any of the award, fellowship or scholarship accounts.