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MIT Women's League


Got a story to share? MITell us about it!

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MITell is a new initiative from the MIT Women's League, inviting all members of the MIT community to come together and share stories from their lives. Whether you're completely new to the craft of live storytelling or a practiced public speaker (or somewhere in between) this is the space for you!

Visit the MITell Website for up-to-date information.

Storytelling is a chance to reflect on your life, take stock of the events you've lived through, and think about how they have shaped you as a person. Sharing stories helps us build connections with our wider communities, understand better the lives of others, and appreciate and celebrate our differences. The surge in popularity of storytelling projects across the US in recent years speaks to the enduring importance of this ancient art form, and we're thrilled to create a space for MIT's diverse community to meet, converse, and share their stories.

Join us for our upcoming Storytelling events!

MITell will return in the Fall of 2018!

What is this exactly?
This is a live storytelling workshop space, where you can share a short, true story of an experience that happened to you, connected (as loosely as you like) to our monthly theme.

Do I have to tell a story if I come to the event?
No! We invite attendees to come and listen, and talk back to the speaker if they request feedback or offer to answer questions. Being an engaged audience member is just as valuable as sharing a story.

I want to tell a story!
Great! Just let us know when you arrive. Please email Kirsty Bennett, if you have any questions.

How long should my story be?
There is no minimum time, but try to keep it to around 5-6 minutes so everyone who wants to has a chance to share their stories.

What should I talk about?
Anything you like! We set a theme in advance, and you should use that as inspiration if you're stuck for ideas. We only ask that the story be true, and that it happened to you. Stories can be funny, thoughtful, sad, life-changing, or even small anecdotes.

See the Events Calendar for up-to-date information.