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Furniture Exchange 1960 and 2013

Upcoming events

11/05/14 Andy Pritchard, Artist in Cloth

11/13/14 Connections

11/19/14 Lunch with Sgt. Vossmer


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Welcome to the MIT Women's League

The MIT Women's League is a social and service organization founded in 1913 to foster connections among women at the Institute. The more than 1,400 women currently identified as members represent a broad range of ages, cultures, talents, and roles in the MIT community. Their diversity enriches their experiences and strengthens the League.

The League offers Institute women opportunities to participate in a wide variety of programs and projects. All newcomers, whether new to the Institute or new to awareness of the League, are welcome.

There are ways to:

  • MEET people you may not otherwise meet
  • LEARN something new
  • HELP one another and the community
  • DISCOVER ways to make a difference
  • SERVE on a committee or board
  • LEAD an interest group or project
  • EXPLORE ideas
  • PARTICIPATE in a variety of programs

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