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ESL for MIT Service Employees

Founded in 2009, the program English as a Second Language (ESL) for MIT Service Employees helps these workers improve their English skills in order to build their confidence and morale and be more productive in their jobs.

The program provides one hour of teaching or one-on-one tutoring, twice a week during the employees' work shifts — day, evening, or night — and follows MIT's academic calendar with a short summer session added. In addition to improving speaking, reading, and writing skills, classes may also prepare students for licensing exams related to their jobs, the US Citizenship test, and General Educational Development (GED) and Adult Diploma Program (ADP).

League members, MIT employees, and graduate students volunteer to teach in this growing service endeavor that richly rewards teachers as well as students.

The ESL program is always looking for either regular and/or substitute volunteers (an ESL background is not necessary).To volunteer or learn more, please contact


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