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Stanford bunny HP

Designed and folded November 2023

Paper: 15cm wood-backed paper

The "Stanford bunny" is a 3d shape often used as a test object for rendering softwares or other things that are supposed to be able to operate on arbitrarily complex 3d geometries (for example, Demaine and Tachi's Origamizer ). In my case, I wanted to demonstrate hex pleating's capabilities for 3d objects by creating a model of the Stanford bunny.

Also, given that it's 3d but entirely flat faces (no curves), this made it a great candidate for testing out this wood-backed paper I bought while in Japan. Apparently it's made of a very thin sheet of real wood, and you can even smell it. See the embedded video for the folding process.

This crease pattern is an 8x8 hex pleated grid. A lot of the points are intentionally left not flat foldable.